Video Production Equipment The Directors Cut

Video Production Equipment The Directors Cut

Video Production Equipment: the​ Director’s Cut
The Video Craze – Affordable Video Production Equipment
New technologies in​ video production equipment combined with the​ emergence of​ video—particularly digital video—as an​ acceptable medium for​ film has made it​ possible for​ almost anyone to​ become a​ film director virtually overnight .​
While the​ cost of​ film and​ film equipment is​ financially prohibitive, video production equipment is​ relatively inexpensive and​ can be mastered quite quickly .​
While there is​ a​ great deal more to​ the​ art of​ film that just having the​ right equipment, the​ accessibility of​ video production equipment has encouraged many amateur filmmakers to​ give it​ their best shot .​
Understanding the​ basics of​ video production equipment is​ the​ first step to​ becoming the​ next Steven Spielberg.
Filming Video Production Equipment
As you prepare to​ make a​ video film, it’s a​ good idea to​ take stock of​ your video production equipment required for​ filming to​ make sure you have everything that you need .​
Some common video production equipment products needed for​ creating a​ professional looking film include:
* Professional video cameras – From ENG cameras that are slightly larger than your average camcorder to​ Studio cameras that are connected via cable to​ dock recorders that do that actual taping, there are many levels of​ professional grade digital video cameras.
* Stabilization Equipment – Including simple tripods, shoulder mounts, camera dollies and​ high tech camera cranes, stabilization equipment ensures that the​ video production is​ smooth and​ not shaky .​
Additionally, stabilization video production equipment can help determine the​ type of​ camera shot that is​ available for​ a​ production.
* Film Quality Lighting – Beyond just lights, film quality lighting banks include grip lighting, reflectors, crate grids for​ lighting effects and​ scrims to​ control different aspects of​ light diffusion.
* Microphone/Audio System – While many video cameras contain a​ microphone to​ capture sounds, creating a​ professional quality video requires separate audio equipment including shotgu​n mics, audio mixers and​ pole audio devices.
Editing Video Production Equipment
Once you have your film on video, additional video production equipment is​ required for​ editing and​ finalizing a​ video into a​ complete entity .​
Using professional quality editing equipment can give your video the​ polished quality that separates it​ from home video or​ amateur productions .​
Typical video editing tools include:
* Video Editing Software – Unlike film, which much be edited manually, video can be edited right on your computer .​
Using professional video editing software, you can add transitions, trim scenes and​ put the​ whole project together seamlessly .​
Selecting the​ right video production equipment for​ editing is​ critical to​ the​ final quality of​ your video.
* Sound Mixing Equipment – a​ professional video will use sound mixing equipment to​ balance volume levels, add ambient noise and​ include a​ soundtrack to​ the​ video .​
Additionally, sound mixing can transform the​ standard video mono-audio into a​ heightened stereo experience.
* Video Duplication Equipment – Once you film is​ complete, video duplication equipment will be required for​ copying and​ distributing your film .​
Professional video production equipment will enable copies that maintain the​ sound and​ video quality of​ your master video.

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