Vasectomy Reversal Review

Vasectomy Reversal Review

"Why does anyone want a​ vasectomy reversal?" This is​ a​ question I hear any time I tell someone what I do for a​ living. I perform microsurgical vasectomy reversals I tell them. "Hmm" they say. "And so what else do you do?" "That’s it​ I explain. Just vasectomy reversals. One a​ day, every day. On men from every state in​ the US and from around the world." "Hmm. That’s nice," they respond…and then we get to​ the big question "Why does anyone want a​ Vasectomy Reversal (, anyway?"

First of​ all, a​ little background: More than 600,000 men undergo a​ vasectomy each year in​ the US for permanent sterilization. of​ those, about one of​ every twenty men (5%) will change their mind at​ some point. it​ could be 2 weeks later, or​ as​ in​ the case of​ my world-record patient, 42 years after vasectomy. But that’s what life is​ all about –surprises and change - sometime good surprises, sometime not so good. as​ I tell patients every week, life has a​ way of​ getting in​ the way of​ plans. Many men who wanted permanent sterilization, now find themselves wishing they could father children once again.

The good news is​ that for almost all men, a​ vasectomy reversal ( is​ an​ affordable and highly successful way to​ restore fertility. in​ fact, a​ review of​ several thousand of​ our own patients shows that we have been able to​ achieve more than a​ 90 to​ 96 % success, even for men who have had prior reversals! This same success rate is​ for all men, no matter how long ago they had their vasectomy. So this proves that the age old idea that the number of​ year from vasectomy to​ reversal determines success is​ hogwash.

Yet many doctors do not know or​ understand that a​ vasectomy reversal is​ highly successful when performed by a​ skilled and experienced microsurgeon.

The most common medical reason to​ have a​ reversal is​ for treatment of​ severe pain following a​ vasectomy, called post-vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS). This rare and devastating complication after a​ vasectomy occurs in​ less than 1 % of​ all vasectomies. For those unfortunate few men, the pain can be severe and debilitating. The pain can begin immediately after the vasectomy or​ can develop slowly over months and even years. The pain is​ believed to​ be a​ result of​ obstruction and a​ build up of​ fluid within the now sealed system. as​ the fluid builds up, the tissues become distended, causing stretching which causes significant pain. This pain can be especially severe after sexual activity. For many, the best option is​ microsurgical ( reconnection of​ the ends of​ the vas, restoring flow and decompressing the system.

I have many patients over the past 20 years that felt the need to​ restore the flow of​ sperm to​ the semen. Some felt that the vasectomy was unnatural and went against some deeper philosophies of​ life and fluids-in-balance. Some men have felt that they were not as​ healthy after the vasectomy and wanted to​ correct this with a​ reversal. Others just didn’t feel "right". There was no specific complaint or​ change, they just weren’t the same and wanted to​ have their vasectomy reversed. Some felt that they wanted to​ restore their "energy" which they believe was changed by the vasectomy.

The good news is​ that whatever the reason, the chances for success are excellent, from 90 to​ 96%. at​ the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, we are able to​ achieve a​ level of​ success that can only come from years of​ a​ full-time, single specialty vasectomy reversal practice – a​ practice with thousands of​ patients who travel to​ Tucson, Arizona each week from throughout the world. Drs. Marks and Burrows have the volume and experience to​ insure you get the best chances for a​ successful reversal. This is​ the reason so many trust ICVR for their vasectomy reversal.

Sheldon Marks (, MD, is​ the founder and medical director of​ the International Center For Vasectomy Reversal, based in​ Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Marks is​ one of​ only a​ handful of​ microsurgical specialists in​ the world that has performed more than 1,800 microsurgical reversals, performing an​ average of​ 200-220 each year.

Vasectomy Reversal Review

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