Vancouver Restaurants

Vancouver Restaurants

Vancouver Restaurants
Vancouver is​ the​ largest city in​ Western Canada, and​ third largest in​ Canada .​
Located at​ the​ southwestern corner of​ the​ coastal province of​ British Columbia .​
It is​ well known for​ its majestic natural beauty, as​ it​ is​ nestled between the​ coastal mountains and​ the​ Pacific ocean .​
It is​ frequently ranked as​ one of​ the​ best cities to​ live in​ and​ is​ certainly a​ beautiful destination to​ visit.
While Vancouver is​ a​ comparatively young city, at​ just over 100 years, its history begins long before .​
The indigenous peoples (First Nations) have lived in​ the​ area for​ thousands of​ years, and​ Vancouver's namesake Captain George Vancouver sailed through the​ First Narrows in​ 1792 .​
The first settlement on the​ downtown peninsula was Granville, located on the​ spot of​ today's Gastown .​
In the​ year of​ Canada's confederation a​ saloon was built on this site and​ gave birth to​ a​ small shantytown of​ bars and​ stores adjacent to​ the​ original mill on the​ south shore of​ what is​ now the​ city's harbour .​
a​ seemingly endless supply of​ high quality lumber was logged and​ sold through the​ ports of​ Gastown and​ Moodyville, across the​ inlet .​
Some of​ trees were gigantic beams which were was shipped to​ China to​ construct Beijing's Imperial Palace), and​ one account maintains that the​ world's windjammer fleets could not have been built without the​ trees of​ Burrard Inlet .​
Vancouver proper was signed into existence in​ 1886 .​
The first City Hall was little more than a​ hand painted sign nailed to​ a​ wooden tent post .​
The arrival of​ the​ transcontinental railway a​ few years later spurred growth even more and​ by 1892 the​ area had over 20,000 residents; eighteen years later this figure was over 100,000.
Factor in​ constant growth every year since (many in​ the​ double digits), and​ Greater Vancouver today is​ Canada's largest metropolitan area west of​ Toronto with well over 2,000,000 residents, roughly half of​ British Columbia's population as​ a​ whole .​
It is​ also the​ fastest growing part of​ Canada .​
Greater Vancouver is​ one of​ the​ most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas in​ the​ world and​ is​ home to​ the​ second largest Chinatown in​ the​ world.
The city truly arrived in​ 1986 when Vancouver hosted the​ world with the​ Expo 86 World Fair .​
Media attention from around the​ world was consistently positive, and​ many considered it​ the​ most successful World's Fair to​ date .​
Vancouver has been awarded the​ 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and​ this event will no doubt cast Vancouver into the​ world spotlight once again .​
It will be the​ largest city ever to​ host the​ winter games, and​ interestingly, the​ only city at​ sea level to​ host them.
Vancouver is​ perhaps best known for​ its scenic beauty, and​ the​ opportunities afforded by its natural environment .​
Vancouver is​ one of​ those rare places where you can ski in​ the​ mountains, windsurf in​ the​ ocean, and​ play a​ round of​ golf all in​ the​ same day .​
Surrounded by water on three sides, and​ crowned by the​ North Shore mountains, Vancouver is​ a​ great destination in​ itself, as​ well a​ a​ great starting point for​ discovering the​ area's many outdoor activities .​
Vancouver is​ a​ major sea port on the​ Pacific Ocean, and​ a​ base for​ many Alaska Cruise Ships in​ the​ summer .​
Landmarks/Points of​ Interest
Canada Place Venture over to​ the​ cruise boats ready to​ depart and​ you can converse with the​ lucky passengers about to​ embark on 'inside passage' tours through Alaska .​
CP has an​ IMAX theatre as​ well .​
CP is​ located adjacent to​ the​ Pan Pacific Hotel .​
The Dr .​
Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is​ the​ first full-sized classical Chinese garden outside China .​
It is​ located in​ China town on the​ edge of​ downtown Vancouver .​
International Buddhist Temple is​ the​ most authentic example of​ traditional palatial Chinese architecture in​ North America .​
It is​ an​ edifice straight out of​ the​ Chinese past, as​ it​ resembles any authentic temple that can be found along the​ banks of​ the​ Yangtze River, where one of​ the​ world's oldest civilizations originated .​
Come explore traditional Chinese art, culture, and​ the​ Buddhist philosophy inside this magnificent place .​
Free admission .​
University of​ British Columbia This Campus has streets lined with trees and​ stretching over an​ area encompassing a​ small city, the​ UBC campus offers much to​ see and​ much to​ do .​
You can attend free lectures, relax at​ clothes-optional Wreck Beach [18], or​ see a​ show at​ the​ Chan Centre for​ Performing Arts [19] .​
The UBC Libraries form the​ second largest library collection in​ all of​ Canada (second only to​ University of​ Toronto) .​
a​ must for​ cash-strapped visitors: UBC often hosts free events, such as​ seminars, theatrical performances or​ student concerts .​
Granville Island is​ Vancouver's famous public market .​
Along with the​ large market there are also numorus local art galleries, restaurants and​ even a​ brewery .​
Gastown is​ Vancouver's historic district, there are many tourist shops, restaurants and​ pubs in​ this area .​
This is​ also where Storyeum is​ located.
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