Vacations Saving Money In The Smoky Mountains

Vacations Saving Money In The Smoky Mountains

You may discover how easy it​ can be to​ save money when you spend time at​ one popular vacation destination.

Here are eight ways to​ save in​ Pigeon Forge,​ Tenn.,​ gateway to​ America's most visited national park,​ Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

1. Ride a​ trolley or​ walk in​ town.

Pigeon Forge Fun Time Trolleys cost only 50 cents; walking is​ free. Take the​ trolley to​ Dollywood to​ bypass the​ theme park's parking fee. the​ many attractions along the​ city's main street,​ the​ Parkway,​ make walking fun.

2. Get a​ Value Card.

Discounts on​ lodging,​ entertainment,​ restaurants,​ shopping and attractions (even indoor skydiving) are on​ the​ Pigeon Forge Value Card (free at​ the​ Welcome Center). Shopaholics can get a​ real buzz by using the​ Value Card for discounts at​ Belz Factory Outlet World,​ one of​ six malls in​ town.

3. Find new discounts on​ the​ Web.

Check the​ city's Web site,​,​ for new discounts and coupons.

4. Get a​ free day at​ Dollywood.

Tennessee's most visited attraction has a​ deal with its "Arrive After 3,​ Get the​ Next Day Free" program. For a​ sense of​ extra value,​ visit on​ Wednesdays and Thursdays,​ generally the​ lowest-attendance days.

5. Buy a​ Dollywood season pass.

If you're returning to​ Pigeon Forge later in​ the​ year,​ a​ Dollywood season pass pays for itself on​ the​ second visit. Many visitors come in​ the​ summer,​ again in​ the​ fall and then at​ Christmas. if​ Dollywood is​ on​ their agenda,​ a​ season pass is​ a​ true bargain.

6. Get a​ theater combo.

Pigeon Forge has more than a​ dozen musical theaters and more than 20 different shows. Look for discounted combo tickets if​ you want to​ see more than one show.

7. Buy a​ vacation package.

Packages that combine lodging,​ shows and attractions into one purchase save you money. Numerous packages are on​ www.My

8. Enjoy the​ outdoors.

Pigeon Forge is​ located at​ the​ foothills of​ Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its hiking trails,​ picnic grounds and magnificent scenery. Admission to​ the​ park is​ free.

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