Vacations At Reunion Resort Orlando

Vacations At Reunion Resort Orlando

When choosing your vacation at​ Reunion Resort,​ Orlando,​ you must first select how you would like to​ book- either as​ a​ complete package through Reunion itself,​ where they take care of​ everything from checking you in​ to​ arranging everything you may need or​ wish for e.g. tickets to​ attractions etc. Alternatively you can book with a​ property’s individual owner so that you know precisely what the​ home looks like,​ its exact location within the​ development etc. Either way you are assured of​ the​ utmost quality to​ make your stay memorable.

Condominiums vary in​ size from 1 to​ 3 bedrooms and the​ villas can range from 2 to​ 7 bedrooms. of​ course with the​ villas you have your very own private pool/spa and quite often a​ games and/or fitness room in​ addition to​ all the​ facilities Reunion has to​ offer generally.


Golf is​ a​ major feature of​ the​ Reunion Resort,​ Orlando. it​ can very proudly boast THREE Championship Courses: - the​ Legacy Course (Arnold Palmer Signature Course),​ the​ Independence Course (Tom Watson Signature Course). Both of​ these are already open and the​ Tradition Course (Jack Nicklaus Signature Course) is​ currently under construction and plans to​ open early in​ 2006.

Additional recreation facilities include:

· Equestrian Centre and Stables (due for completion late 2005). This will allow guests to​ indulge in​ their passion for horse riding or​ for beginners it​ is​ a​ perfect way to​ get around and receive an​ alternate view of​ Reunion.
· Water and Swimming Pavilion (due for completion summer 2005). This is​ going to​ be a​ state-of-the-art; multi-level,​ multi-acre water park,​ which will include rubber tube,​ rides along a​ lazy river,​ waterfalls,​ 2 thrilling waterslides and children’s pools. Surrounding these features are lovely landscaped gardens where you can relax in​ the​ wonderful Floridian sunshine and enjoy a​ refreshing cool drink at​ the​ pool bar.

In addition to​ the​ Water Park,​ there are several “quiet pools” scattered throughout the​ Resort as​ well as​ the​ Seven Eagles Pool Pavilion which offers a​ beautiful pool,​ 2 jacuzzis and the​ chance to​ dine at​ the​ Pavilion Bar and Grille.

Kids facilities…

Adjacent to​ this is​ the​ Kids Activity Centre where children aged 4-12 are invited to​ join in​ all the​ many varied activities on​ offer. in​ addition to​ daily activities (a small fee may be applicable for certain activities) there are Kids Crew Camps on​ Wednesdays and Fridays.

Older children are catered for too. They are invited to​ come along for volleyball,​ movies and many other fun things with people their own age.

Nearby is​ the​ Fitness Centre. it​ offers an​ array of​ cardiovascular equipment and hopes to​ introduce group classes and personal trainers in​ the​ near future.

Other facilities which are planned for the​ future include a​ Spa and Wellness Centre (due 2007),​ more Resort pools,​ tennis courts (due late 2006),​ biking/hiking/walking trails and Reunion Square Entertainment Complex consisting of​ shops,​ restaurants,​ and lots more (due 2006).

Once Reunion Resort and Club is​ completed (2008),​ it​ will be in​ a​ class of​ its own offering you the​ ultimate vacation. You will be based in​ a​ luxury Resort with varied and up to​ the​ minute facilities and yet will remain a​ mere 6miles/10minute drive away from Walt Disney World and all it​ has to​ offer.

Vacations At Reunion Resort Orlando

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