Vacationing With The Kids

Vacationing With The Kids

You’ve picked out a​ destination that it​ seems everyone in​ the​ family will enjoy. You’ve planned the​ trip - how long you’ll be gone,​ where to​ stay,​ what to​ see while you’re there and maybe some neat places to​ check out on​ the​ way to​ your intended destination.

Oh,​ the​ anticipation! Everyone is​ so excited! Thirty minutes (maybe an​ hour) into the​ trip you hear “Are we​ there yet?”

If you didn’t plan on​ ways to​ keep the​ kids occupied,​ as​ in​ not bored to​ tears (literally),​ this trip is​ going to​ be very,​ very long. as​ with anything in​ life,​ planning is​ the​ key to​ success.

Remember that a​ child’s world can be pretty small by adult standards. Two hours can seem like an​ eternity and anything outside the​ car is​ of​ little interest to​ young children. Watching the​ trees go by or​ the​ traffic on​ an​ interstate highway isn’t going to​ cut it​ for very long. There just aren’t enough cows,​ horses,​ and giraffes to​ look at.

Take a​ few minutes to​ consider your child’s personality as​ well as​ his age. Does he play well alone? or​ does he require some interaction? Will he sleep during a​ lot of​ the​ drive? is​ this really a​ good thing,​ or​ does it​ mean he will be fully charged when you’re trying to​ get some needed rest at​ night. Do you want him on​ a​ “sugar high” from snacking on​ junk food the​ whole trip,​ or​ even worse,​ with an​ upset tummy?

So what are your options? Take a​ look at​ what interests your child at​ home. Obviously,​ simulating the​ swing set in​ the​ backyard may be a​ little out of​ reach,​ but what does he do when he’s indoors? Really young children can generally play with the​ same toys they would play with at​ home. You know,​ all that brightly colored plastic you pick up every day and still manage to​ trip over when you get up at​ night.

When they’re a​ little older,​ it​ gets more challenging. Some children will play with crayons and paper as​ long as​ the​ paper doesn’t run out. if​ your child’s not a​ budding artist what about video games? These are great for the​ more energetic kids. You know,​ the​ ones who think silence is​ some form of​ torture created by adults to​ make their lives as​ miserable as​ possible. Then there are the​ children with vivid imaginations that can take a​ single toy and create an​ entire world in​ the​ space surrounding a​ booster seat. And last but certainly not least,​ what about the​ kids who prefer to​ stay glued to​ the​ TV? With today’s portable DVD players,​ even if​ you don’t have this nifty feature already built into the​ family vehicle,​ these children can watch their favorite videos and forget that they will soon be visiting Yellowstone,​ Disney World,​ or​ Uncle Bob and Aunt Louise’s ranchette in​ Arizona.

Have a​ great vacation and Drive Friendly!

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