Vacationing With The Family In Curacao

Vacationing With The Family In Curacao

Of all the​ Caribbean’s many destinations,​ Curacao may have the​ most to​ offer children and their families. From the​ family-friendly resorts to​ the​ island’s small-town ambience,​ Curacao is​ an​ ideal destination for a​ Caribbean family vacation. to​ get the​ most out of​ your trip,​ consider including some the​ activities outlined here in​ your Curacao vacation package.

Perhaps the​ most unique of​ Curacao’s family attractions is​ the​ Curacao Seaquarium. Constructed in​ 1984,​ this oceanfront complex is​ renowned for its open-water system that continuously pumps fresh seawater into the​ holding tanks. For younger children,​ the​ touch tanks and feeding shows offer great opportunities to​ interact with sea creatures. the​ Seaquarium also allows visitors to​ snorkel and dive with sea turtles,​ tropical fish and other distinctive animals. When you’re done in​ the​ water,​ head over to​ the​ on-site museum and theatre for additional learning possibilities. the​ beach outside the​ Seaquarium is​ also great place for children,​ highlighted by kid-friendly water sports and charming restaurants.

For a​ more personal interaction with everyone’s favorite sea creature,​ the​ Dolphin Academy Curaçao offers visitors of​ all ages an​ opportunity to​ swim,​ snorkel or​ dive with these extraordinary animals in​ a​ variety of​ programs. the​ all-ages Dolphin Encounter lets children stand on​ a​ platform in​ the​ holding tank amongst the​ dolphins. After trainers teach you the​ basics,​ the​ dolphin will come by for a​ hug. the​ Dolphin Swim allows participants to​ take rides on​ the​ dolphins’ dorsal fins. Then,​ the​ swimmers can give signals to​ the​ dolphins to​ sing,​ spin or​ wave. For older children and adults,​ the​ Dolphin Snorkel and Dolphin Open Water Dive programs allow you to​ swim side-by-side with the​ dolphins in​ one of​ Curacao’s finest coral reefs. For families looking to​ completely immerse themselves in​ the​ world of​ dolphins,​ the​ Academy offers two courses,​ one for children and one for adults,​ which impart all the​ basics of​ dolphin training during 2 and 3-day sessions.

Another great activity for a​ Caribbean family vacation is​ the​ Kids Sea Camp,​ an​ education center open during June and July. in​ addition to​ activities like those offered at​ the​ Dolphin Academy,​ the​ Kids Sea Camp has a​ number of​ detailed training sessions designed for your young ones. Activities include Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth (SASY) training,​ Professional Association of​ Diving Instruction (PADI) training and open-water dive training for children.

Being in​ the​ Caribbean,​ your family will want to​ spend time at​ the​ beach,​ relaxing in​ the​ sand and playing in​ the​ water. Curacao has several beaches suitable for the​ whole family,​ many with facilities designed specifically for children. the​ following beaches are great places for your family to​ explore.

First up is​ Little Knip Beach,​ the​ choice of​ Curacaoan families. This beautiful little beach offers a​ calm place to​ swim and have a​ barbeque. if​ your children want to​ play in​ the​ open water,​ Kontiki Beach is​ probably the​ safest option. Besides offering a​ number of​ shops,​ restaurants and watersport activities,​ the​ surf at​ Kontiki is​ tamed by a​ wave breaking system. Jan Thiel Beach offers excellent diving and snorkeling in​ the​ open bay while children can enjoy the​ enclosed wading area. Though one of​ Curacao’s busier beaches,​ Cas Abao Beach is​ one of​ the​ best locations for families to​ lay in​ plush white sand and soak up the​ sun. On the​ quieter side,​ Port Marie is​ lovely beach with nice facilities for novice divers and snorkelers.

When your family has had its share of​ fun in​ the​ water,​ consider taking a​ tour of​ the​ island on​ horseback or​ visiting the​ ostrich farm. Horseback tours are easy to​ arrange,​ whether you choose to​ make it​ part of​ your vacation package or​ set up a​ tour while on​ the​ island. With over 600 birds,​ the​ Curacao Ostrich Farm is​ one of​ the​ largest ostrich farms outside of​ Africa. Children can interact with day-old chicks and guided tours are available to​ shed some light on​ the​ lives of​ these peculiar birds. When it​ is​ time to​ leave,​ you can even take an​ ostrich egg as​ a​ souvenir. There is​ always a​ great Caribbean family vacation waiting for you in​ Curacao.

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