Vacationing In The Hamptons

Vacationing In The Hamptons

Located on​ the​ North and South Fork of​ Long Island the​ area known as​ the​ Hamptons is​ one of​ the​ most popular vacation spots in​ New York. the​ Hamptons has a​ deep rich history that goes back to​ the​ 1600’s. Like many other New England colonies it​ was originally farmland,​ over the​ years it​ port of​ trade,​ Revolutionary War staging point,​ refuge for artists and poets,​ and favorite vacation spot. There are even legends the​ infamous pirate Captain Kidd visited its shores and left buried treasure still waiting to​ be found.

If you’re looking for treasure in​ the​ Hamptons there’s no need to​ get out your shovel and start digging,​ just take stroll through any of​ its quaint towns and shops and you’ll be rewarded. Many of​ the​ towns in​ the​ Hamptons such as​ Amagansett,​ Bridgehampton,​ and Quogue are filled with historical landmarks,​ museums and other cultural centers. to​ get the​ most out of​ the​ Hamptons you’ll need to​ visit during peak season which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. During this time every town and village will have artist’s exhibits,​ traveling museum exhibits,​ and photography and music concerts.

Many people who choose to​ vacation in​ the​ Hamptons choose to​ stay for two to​ three weeks and there is​ a​ wide range of​ lodging choices to​ choose from. the​ most basic will be the​ Bed & Breakfast Inn’s. Run by the​ owners and a​ small staff there is​ no way you can beat them on​ service and price. if​ you are looking for something a​ little more private there are many traditional motels and hotels all across the​ Hamptons that can accommodate you. When you want get the​ most out of​ a​ Hampton’s vacation consider renting a​ beachfront house or​ cottage. the​ styles range from small intimate cottages,​ to​ large palatial modern mansions. Beachfront properties are the​ most sought after locations. Nothing can quite compare to​ watching a​ sunrise from a​ private balcony every morning. the​ next time your looking for a​ place to​ get away from your daily stress unplug and recharge your batteries,​ a​ vacation to​ the​ Hamptons may be just the​ ticket.

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