Vacationing In Gold West Country Montana

Vacationing In Gold West Country Montana

Montana is​ a​ vast and varied state of​ mountains,​ canyons,​ river valleys,​ forests and caverns. It's the​ 4th largest state in​ the​ nation but with our popularion under 1 million,​ it's actually the​ sixth least-populated state. Ah... there is​ room to​ breathe and nowhere is​ the​ air fresher.
The myths and legends of​ the​ American West are still alive here from the​ historic ghost towns Virginia City to​ Butte and Anaconda,​ the​ site of​ the​ famous Copper King Wars,​ and a​ very short jaunt from the​ Fish Creek House Bed and Breakfast in​ Whitehall,​

Butte also has something few other cities can claim – a​ rich and incredible history. Visiting Butte,​ even today,​ one can literally step back into time. Butte is​ also one of​ only two cities to​ be recognized as​ a​ National Historic Landmark – with more than 4000 historic buildings of​ one kind or​ another. Butte is​ literally teeming full of​ historic buildings – and makes other “restored” historic towns seem rather lame in​ comparison. And if​ all the​ historical buildings and “ghost signs” aren’t enough,​ there is​ always the​ every present old mining rigs (over 40 of​ them dot the​ sky in​ Butte) to​ help remind visitors what built Butte into the​ town that it​ is​ today.

As the​ Lewis and Clark expedition commemorates its bicentennial,​ Montana is​ again a​ central part of​ the​ Lewis and Clark travels.
As you can wind your way west through the​ "City of​ Murals" here in​ Whitehall and retrace the​ historic trails of​ the​ Lewis and Clark expedition,​ stop by at​ the​ Fish Creek House You'll feel right at​ home in​ their beautiful log home Bed & Breakfast,​ and will happily assist you in​ planning your visit around Big Sky country.

Then there's the​ watchable wildlife... a​ pair of​ binoculars will come in​ handy as​ you discover the​ pleasures of​ one of​ Montana's most popular pastimes,​ wildlife watching. Elk,​ deer and antelope roam freely on​ our property. a​ good tip,​ grab a​ cup of​ coffee while we​ whip up breakfast since according to​ the​ experts,​ the​ best viewing time is​ dawn.
We can assist you with other professional guide services. Whether you're visiting Montana for a​ hunt or​ fishing on​ one of​ the​ world class fly fishing rivers nearby,​ or​ if​ you simply prefer to​ relax Fish Creek House is​ a​ wonderful home to​ come back to... while you're away.

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