Vacationing In China

Vacationing In China

Are you considering a​ vacation to​ China? Rich in​ culture and deeply hospitable,​ the​ Chinese people welcome tourists and it’s rich history and colorful traditions are sure to​ keep travelers well entertained during their stay.

Visiting Shanghai

Shanghai is​ one of​ China’s largest cities and is​ rich with activities for the​ visiting foreigner. it​ would be similar to​ visiting New York City in​ the​ United States. Shanghai is​ home to​ the​ Garden of​ Contentment,​ a​ 500 acre garden full of​ beautiful Chinese horticulture at​ it’s finest. the​ garden is​ divided into six separate garden cells: the​ Grand Rockery,​ the​ Ten ThousandFlower Pavilion,​ the​ Lotus Pool,​ the​ Inner Garden,​ the​ Hall of​ Heralding Spring and the​ Hall of​ Jade Magnificence. Nanjing Lu Road is​ a​ shoppers paradise. it​ features art galleries,​ shops,​ and restaurants all overflowing with rich Chinese culture. Be sure to​ brush up your bargaining skills before heading out to​ Nanjing Lu. You can often get a​ bargain price by haggling with the​ shopkeeper for a​ price you can write home about. Highly recommended hotels in​ Shanghai are: Le Royal Miridian on​ Nanjing Dong Rd.,​ with an​ average room price of​ $259,​and the​ Crowne Plaza Hotel Fudan in​ the​ Yangpu District for about $94.

Visiting Beijing

Beijing is​ filled with Chinese history and great architecture. it​ features the​ Forbidden City,​ a​ 250 acre estate with more than 9,​000 rooms. the​ palace complex was built in​ the​ early 15th century. With it’s historic castle and inspiring architecture it’s a​ wonder to​ behold.

Tiananmen Square is​ found in​ Beijing as​ well and hosts many colorful parades and massive rallies. it​ features historic monuments and great architecture. the​ Great Wall of​ China is​ a​ must see when traveling to​ China and the​ most popular place to​ begin your tour of​ the​ Wall is​ in​ Beijing. the​ Great Wall stretches for over 3700 miles and is​ an​ awesome site and provides for panoramic photograph opportunities. Near Beijing,​ cable cars lift passengers onto the​ Wall where you can begin an​ exploration hike along the​ ancient steps and view China from its heights. While booking lodging in​ Beijing,​ the​ Peninsula offers rooms at​ around $246 a​ night and the​ Holiday Inn Central Plaza Beijing charges around $103. Another popular option is​ the​ Shangri La Beijing on​ Zizhuyuan Road. a​ room will cost you about $200 a​ night.

Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong has its own Disneyland. While the​ park is​ smaller than other Disney parks,​ the​ staff’s friendliness more than makes up for the​ small real estate. This stop is​ a​ must for all Mouse fans and will make your trip memorable for the​ whole family.

Hotels in​ Hong Kong that come highly recommended by other tourists are: Langhan Place Hotel at​ $224 a​ night,​ the​ Ritz Carlton Hong Kong at​ $359,​ and the​ Harbour Plaza Hong Kong at​ around $209 a​ night.

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