Vacationing In The Caribbean Popular Summer Vacation Destinations

Vacationing In The Caribbean Popular Summer Vacation Destinations

Vacationing in​ the​ Caribbean: Popular Summer Vacation Destinations
The Caribbean is​ famous for its collection of​ small islands,​ warm climate,​ wonderful hotel resorts,​ and amazing beaches .​
the​ atmosphere created by in​ the​ Caribbean is​ ideal for those looking to​ get married,​ honeymooners,​ or​ just couples looking to​ get away .​
While the​ Caribbean may appeal to​ those looking for romance,​ it​ is​ also a​ great area to​ vacation with your family.
As with any other area of​ the​ world,​ selecting a​ Caribbean vacation destination can be a​ difficult task .​
In the​ Caribbean there are so many vacation destinations to​ choose from and they are all similar,​ in​ one way or​ another .​
If you experience difficulty narrowing your search down to​ just one destination,​ you are encouraged to​ review some of​ the​ most popular vacation destinations in​ the​ Caribbean .​
Below is​ an​ overview of​ five popular Caribbean destinations that attract beachgoers from all around the​ world .​

The Turks & Caicos Island is​ located in​ Atlantic Ocean .​
The two islands are not far from the​ Bahamas .​
These Caribbean islands are most noted for their beautiful beaches and underwater adventures .​
The ocean water,​ near the​ Turks & Caicos Island,​ is​ home to​ large coral reefs .​
These reefs bring in​ tourists from all around the​ world .​
Aside from traditional beach activities,​ you can enjoy fishing,​ diving,​ and snorkeling .​

St .​
John is​ located in​ Virgin Islands in​ the​ Caribbean .​
Many claim that the​ St .​
John beaches are the​ best in​ all of​ the​ Caribbean .​
St .​
John visitors are encouraged to​ visit Trunk Bay .​
Trunk Bay is​ owned and protected by the​ United States National Park Service .​
Aside from traditional beachfront activities,​ Trunk Bay is​ well known for their snorkeling tours .​
Trained,​ underwater guides and markers make the​ Turk Bay snorkeling adventure one of​ the​ best in​ the​ world .​

Canouan Island is​ located in​ the​ Grenadines,​ which can also be found in​ the​ Caribbean .​
Canouan Island comes highly recommend from beach lovers .​
Beach activities include wind surfing,​ snorkeling,​ scuba diving,​ and sailing .​
Canouan Island is​ most well known for its private and intimate settings .​
While many beaches in​ and around the​ Caribbean fill up each year with tourist,​ Canouan Island is​ still relatively undiscovered.
The tagline for Jamaica is​ no wonder hearts beat faster in​ Jamaica .​
This tourist slogan is​ accurate in​ more ways than one .​
Jamaica is​ home to​ wonderful beaches,​ including Seven Mile Beach .​
While Jamaica has a​ number of​ beach resorts that are so beautiful it​ is​ often hard to​ describe,​ they are most well-known for their music and fun offshore activities .​
Vacationers visiting Jamaica will not leave the​ island unsatisfied.
The Cayman Islands is​ another popular summer vacation destination in​ the​ Caribbean .​
All three islands,​ Grand Cayman,​ Little Cayman,​ and Cayman Brac are home to​ a​ number of​ popular beaches,​ the​ most popular Being Seven Mile Beach .​
Seven Mile Beach is​ located on​ the​ Grand Cayman Island .​
All three islands offer numerous on​ and offshore activities .​
With Seven Mile Beach being one of​ the​ most well-known beaches in​ the​ Caribbean,​ it​ is​ often packed with travelers .​
Vacationers looking for more intimate settings in​ the​ Cayman Islands often vacation at​ one of​ the​ two smaller islands .​
Of course,​ you could always visit all three if​ you wish to.

Millions of​ tourists flock the​ Caribbean for their summer vacations .​
If you have yet to​ visit the​ Caribbean area,​ you are encouraged to​ get down there and see what you have been missing .​
Whether you choose to​ vacation at​ one of​ the​ above mentioned Caribbean destinations or​ you select another,​ you are sure to​ have a​ vacation that will be impossible to​ forget .​

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