Vacationing Aboard Mega Yacht Charters

Vacationing Aboard Mega Yacht Charters

More than your average sailboat,​ mega yacht charters offer all the​ luxury of​ a​ five star hotel,​ more room than most city apartments around the​ world,​ and the​ freedom to​ go where you want without having to​ pack and unpack at​ every stop. in​ addition,​ mega yacht charters come fully staffed if​ you so desire making this one vacation you won’t need another vacation to​ recover from!

The Secrets to​ Affordable Yachting

Mega yacht excursion can run the​ gamut of​ prices. Some fully-loaded and staffed luxury yachts can cost in​ the​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ dollars for a​ single week. So how can the​ average person afford such luxury? the​ key is​ to​ make it​ a​ family affair,​ choose the​ right destinations,​ and time things to​ get the​ best rates. if​ you are willing to​ do some of​ the​ cooking,​ cleaning,​ and even sailing responsibilities yourself,​ you will find it​ even easier to​ afford a​ vacation at​ sea.

Most luxury motorboat vessels can accommodate dozens of​ people. if​ you have a​ large extended family or​ close friends that you enjoy travelling with then it’s easy to​ share the​ expense and make an​ affordable week-long trip. With six sleeping cabins,​ for example,​ you can accommodate up to​ six separate families. if​ the​ week’s voyage runs about $30,​000 (an easy to​ find fare) then each family is​ only spending $5,​000 for a​ week of​ luxury and exciting site seeing. You can hardly get into the​ Disney theme parks with a​ family of​ four for that!

Another way to​ cut costs is​ to​ choose a​ destination that is​ more contained. a​ trip through the​ Bahamas or​ Caribbean Islands will be more affordable than an​ excursion that spans the​ seas from one continent to​ another. Three or​ four days on​ this kind of​ cruise is​ easy to​ travel and visit many different ports representing several countries.

If you don’t hire a​ cook or​ cleaning crew,​ you can save on​ the​ rent as​ well. a​ trip from Miami to​ the​ Bahamas is​ short enough that you will not have to​ worry about major cleaning and can save money on​ housekeeping services.

The Advantages of​ Private Cruising

Mega yacht charters are unlike regular cruise ships. On commercial cruises there is​ a​ social element many people enjoy,​ but the​ private cruising really puts you in​ the​ captain’s chair. a​ professional captain does the​ navigating of​ course,​ but you are in​ charge of​ the​ destinations. You choose when you will depart and how long you will stay.

In addition to​ choosing the​ itinerary you also get to​ decide who will be seated next to​ you at​ dinner since a​ chartered cruise has only your invited guests. You can even choose the​ menu and select the​ wine,​ and when the​ day is​ done,​ you retire to​ a​ suite as​ luxurious as​ those found in​ the​ finest hotels.

Private quarters on​ a​ mega yacht charter means you won’t have to​ worry about lugging a​ suitcase from one vacation spot to​ the​ next. Your room goes with you everywhere! Most yachts of​ this calliper also have full sized baths,​ exercise facilities and several parlours for evening entertaining that never has to​ end.

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