Vacation Rentals In The South Of France Cannes

Vacation Rentals In The South Of France Cannes

Located in​ the​ south of​ France,​ the​ beach town of​ Cannes is​ legendary. Vacation rentals in​ Cannes can be inexpensive unless you are trying to​ catch the​ famous film festival.

Vacation Rentals in​ the​ South of​ France - Cannes

When you hear the​ name Cannes,​ a​ beautiful southern French town on​ the​ Cote d'Azur,​ you might automatically think of​ the​ famous Cannes Film Festival. While this is​ a​ major event in​ Cannes,​ it​ is​ certainly not the​ only reason to​ take a​ trip here. Whether you want to​ experience the​ tranquil blue waters of​ the​ Rivera or​ the​ atmosphere of​ a​ small French town,​ Cannes is​ a​ great place to​ enjoy a​ vacation. Rentals in​ Cannes make it​ easy to​ spend as​ little time or​ as​ long as​ you would like in​ the​ village,​ and you can set up your own home away from home.

Mandelieu la Napoule is​ one of​ the​ unique places in​ Cannes. Frankly,​ it​ is​ a​ bit of​ a​ secret. the​ house is​ located up on​ the​ hills surrounding Cannes,​ which is​ nice when you need a​ bit of​ piece and quite. it​ has an​ open French charm,​ and sleeps four to​ six people. the​ key to​ the​ place is​ the​ pool and view,​ which is​ to​ die for as​ it​ overlooks the​ town and ocean. This is​ a​ great place to​ kick back and just take in​ the​ sunset with a​ cool drink. For those who like to​ party the​ night away,​ it​ is​ also a​ great place to​ watch sunrises! the​ rental will set you back between 300 and 600 Euros a​ night depending on​ the​ season.

If you are interested in​ hobnobbing with the​ celebrities at​ the​ Cannes Film Festival,​ be sure to​ schedule your trip for the​ appropriate time – usually in​ May. (In 2007,​ the​ Festival will take place between May 17 and May 28). You will need to​ be credentialed as​ a​ film industry professional,​ however,​ to​ get into the​ events. Most of​ the​ screenings and other festivities are not open to​ the​ general public.

Lodgings in​ Cannes are often booked well in​ advance of​ a​ trip,​ so make sure to​ consult your travel agent about the​ possibility of​ renting an​ open one. One such beautiful location that is​ available to​ rent is​ located only 50 meters from La Croisette,​ and its two bedrooms,​ dining room,​ living room,​ day room and more easily accommodates eight people. This style of​ lodging is​ common among those for rent in​ Cannes,​ and they can cost about 2900 Euros per week in​ the​ high season. Put another way,​ this is​ not the​ spot for the​ budget traveler.

Whenever you choose to​ visit the​ south of​ France,​ make sure to​ look into private rentals in​ Cannes. By staying for an​ extended period in​ one of​ these comfortable places,​ you can be sure to​ get a​ real feel for living in​ the​ south of​ France. the​ beauty and charm of​ Cannes is​ world-renowned,​ so making a​ trip here is​ definitely a​ luxury worth spending your money on!

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