Vacation Rental Checklist

After you have decided that a​ vacation rental is​ the​ way to​ go for your annual family vacation,​ your next step is​ to​ be sure that you have all of​ the​ necessary items for a​ fun- filled trip. For the​ most part these home or​ cottage vacation rentals come equipped with all of​ the​ pleasantries of​ home. However,​ you will still require toiletries,​ clothing,​ and basic first aid items. as​ a​ parent not only do you have to​ ensure that you have all of​ the​ things you will need,​ but you should probably also ensure your children won’t experience the​ disappointment of​ forgetting their bathing suits when anticipating a​ trip to​ the​ beach!

Here is​ a​ checklist of​ the​ necessities you will need to​ remember on​ your next vacation rental trip.

For the​ Kids:

With kids who always get dirty and are picky about what they wear,​ the​ rule of​ thumb is​ always to​ pack extra. They will need these essentials in​ order to​ enjoy your family vacation. One complete outfit per day for the​ length of​ your trip along with one extra sweater,​ an​ extra pair of​ pants extra underwear,​ tops and socks. if​ you plan on​ taking them out for dinner,​ or​ to​ visit any relatives they will need at​ least one dressy outfit and one pair of​ dress shoes. For sleeping they will need there favourite pair of​ pyjamas. For their favourite outdoor activity,​ swimming at​ the​ beach,​ they will require two bathing suits,​ two beach towels,​ and a​ warm sweater for warming up if​ there is​ a​ wind blowing! Don’t forget to​ pack them a​ pair of​ running shoes as​ you will be doing a​ lot of​ sight seeing. Ensuring that they are wearing the​ appropriate footwear will help prevent fatigue and any aches or​ pains associated with sore feet.

For Playing:

If you have ever been on​ a​ long trip with your kids you know that keeping them occupied is​ paramount. There are a​ number of​ different solutions to​ in​ car boredom. Bringing along portable board games,​ a​ deck of​ cards,​ their favorite books or​ stories,​ and a​ book of​ crossword puzzles or​ word searches are always popular. to​ quench their thirst pack a​ cooler filled with juice and water; to​ fill their snacking needs include fruits,​ veggies and granola bars.

For Adults:

For all of​ you adults taking a​ trip,​ be sure to​ pack one outfit for each day of​ your trip. Bringing an​ extra pair of​ undergarments and socks is​ never a​ bad thing especially if​ you plan on​ engaging in​ any physical activities such as​ running,​ biking or​ even walking on​ a​ hot day. Be sure to​ include two dressy outfits suitable for dinning in​ a​ nice restaurant,​ and a​ sweater for any cool evenings you may encounter. Be sure to​ pack appropriate footwear for the​ types of​ activities you will be doing. For the​ beach be sure to​ bring a​ sun hat,​ sunglasses,​ two bathing suits and two oversized beach towels and a​ beach blanket. Don’t forget a​ pair of​ flip flops so you can walk around on​ that hot sand. in​ terms of​ toiletries you should be sure to​ bring essentials such as​ soap,​ your toothbrush/ toothpaste,​ deodorant,​ a​ razor tweezers and a​ hair brush along.

First Aid:

It is​ something that no one wants to​ think about when they go away on​ vacation. the​ possibility of​ getting injured is​ slim,​ however it​ is​ better to​ be prepared instead of​ stuck without the​ necessary things to​ treat yourself or​ others if​ someone does get hurt. the​ necessities of​ any first aid kit should include Aloe Vera gel,​ bug spray,​ a​ sunscreen with an​ SPF of​ 30 or​ higher,​ and baby wipes or​ moist towels which are a​ great thing to​ have to​ clean up. to​ disinfect any cuts or​ scrapes be sure to​ include rubbing alcohol or​ hydrogen peroxide,​ gauze,​ medical tape,​ Polysporin,​ band-aids,​ and splints in​ case of​ a​ broken bone or​ dislocation. For pain relief or​ in​ case of​ a​ headache Aspirin is​ ideal and it​ will also help to​ reduce inflammation should you pull a​ muscle.

Once you have reached the​ bottom of​ the​ list,​ packing should be a​ breeze if​ you first lay everything out on​ a​ bed and run down the​ list once more. if​ you reach the​ end and have everything on​ the​ list,​ then neatly place it​ all inside your suitcase. Going back over the​ list is​ also a​ great way to​ get yourself thinking about all of​ the​ activities you plan to​ take part in. if​ there are any special activities this practice can help spark your memory to​ ensure that nothing of​ importance gets left behind. Now all you have left to​ do is​ enjoy your lovely vacation rental.

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