Vacation On The Water Or The Open Road

Vacation On The Water Or The Open Road

Renting a​ houseboat maybe one of​ the​ most relaxing and enjoyable vacations you have ever had. Houseboats can range from 44 to​ 75 feet,​ are available for rent on​ many lakes and inland waterways from Lake Mead to​ the​ Cumberland. Most models have berths for six to​ eight or​ more people and can be equipped with water slides additional equipment,​ such as​ scuba gear,​ canoes,​ and fishing tackle,​ is​ also available. You can even bring your speed boat or​ jet skies along. the​ larger houseboats may have all the​ luxuries of​ a​ fine hotel (minus the​ staff) hot tubs,​ central heating and air-conditioning,​ HD TV and th list goes on.

Most of​ all,​ houseboats offer a​ great family get away with adventure or​ lounging in​ deck chairs under and endless sky or​ sleeping in​ spacious berths listening to​ the​ genital lap of​ the​ waves far from the​ lights and noise of​ the​ city. the​ family becomes a​ crew,​ with everyone pitching in​ working and playing together.

Rental rates vary by location,​ amenities,​ and season. For instance,​ on​ Nevada's spectacular Lake Mead,​ a​ seven-day rental of​ a​ basic 8O foot houseboat that bunks 8 to​ 10 people costs about $1,​995 in​ the​ off-season (October through April); the​ same model goes for $2,​995 per week in​ summer.

If you are not a​ confident sailor,​ the​ rental company will help you rental agencies can also provide trained captains to​ pilot houseboats. Some large houseboats require hiring a​ captain as​ a​ rental precondition depending on​ the​ location. if​ you are not into water sports you can always opt for a​ Recreational vehicles (RVs),​ especially motor homes,​ have seen a​ increase in​ sales in​ recent years,​ with almost 8 million on​ the​ registered. Some RV's are like rolling luxury hotels and have the​ price tag to​ match too.

Renting an​ Motor Homes is​ the​ most common and affordable option for the​ newbie,​ with rates starting around $70 and up from there. the​ majority of​ motor homes will average about 8 miles to​ the​ gallon,​ so your greatest expense will be fuel. On the​ other hand,​ you can save on​ lodging: Staying in​ an​ RV campground can be around twenty dollars a​ night to​ over $100 at​ high end parks like at​ Disney Land.

The best reward though,​ is​ the​ freedom of​ the​ open road. RV enthusiasts are an​ extremely sociable bunch,​ and RV parks and campgrounds often have the​ spirit of​ a​ family reunion.

Whether you choose the​ open road or​ the​ high seas a​ great family vacation is​ just around the​ corner be sure to​ plan ahead as​ house boats and RV's are snapped up during the​ height of​ the​ summer vacation.

Vacation On The Water Or The Open Road

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