Vacation In Mexico

Vacation In Mexico

Mexico,​ our neighbor down south is​ the​ perfect place for your next vacation. With the​ Gulf Coast on​ one end and the​ Caribbean on​ another,​ it​ is​ a​ favorite for many tourists.

Mexico is​ a​ study of​ contrasts of​ ancient and modern,​ aside from the​ landscape,​ there is​ the​ blend of​ cultures from the​ indigenous peoples to​ the​ cosmopolitan cities and plenty of​ beaches choose from.

The country spans about 1964,​375 square kilometers. it​ is​ divided in​ six regions each with their own attractions for the​ visitor.

Northern Mexico-Dunes,​ Desert and Sierra Madre

For those who want a​ little bit of​ nature and adventure you should head to​ northern Mexico. Northern Mexico is​ made of​ the​ states of​ Durango,​ Nuevo Leon,​ Sonora,​ Tamaulipas,​ Chihuahua,​ Coahuila and Zacatecas. There are the​ mountains of​ Sierra Madre that provide you with wonderful views of​ sun rising and setting.

If you like camping and would like to​ bring back a​ collection of​ beautiful pictures of​ nature you could go to​ the​ Cuatro Ciengas desert in​ Coahuila. There you would not be disappointed with the​ spectacular views and you must make time to​ enjoy the​ natural hot springs.

In Zacatecas,​ you can go through the​ streets and see a​ little bit of​ Mexico’s colonial past. There are many building that are still standing from the​ period of​ the​ very first Spanish settlers. One such landmark is​ Cerro de la Bufa. And Chihuahua is​ home to​ the​ ruins at​ Paquime and many collections of​ traditional art from the​ Raramuri Indians.

In Guayamas,​ Bahia de Kino,​ San Carlos and Puerto Penasco,​ you can find a​ lot more features,​ including zones of​ archeological interest and more beaches.

Central Mexico

Starting from the​ northern high plateau to​ the​ tip of​ Sierra Madre range down south,​ this region has plenty for a​ person to​ see in​ terms of​ culture and scenery. You have Mexico City,​ with amazing examples of​ architecture like the​ old buildings in​ the​ Historic Center and the​ old world style of​ Basilica of​ Guadalupe.

You can visit the​ many archeological sites open to​ tourists. There are a​ number of​ lakes,​ rivers,​ waterfalls,​ springs,​ forests and caverns to​ go to. And if​ you want to​ activities,​ plenty are offered. You can do cave exploring,​ rafting,​ scuba diving,​ nature observing,​ and rock climbing to​ name a​ few.

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