Vacation Homes The Preludes To Retirement

Vacation Homes The Preludes To Retirement

Baby Boomers and vacation homes have discovered each other. the​ home-away-from home is​ now a​ reality for about three-fifths of​ those Americans born between 1946 and 1964,​ and while two-thirds of​ them actually take vacations in​ their vacation homes,​ the​ others use their vacation homes as​ income properties.

Vacation Homes as​ Retirement Homes

That means,​ for the​ rest of​ us,​ that there are millions of​ vacation homes waiting for occupants each year. Vacation homes have become big business. the​ bull market of​ the​ past eight years has many Boomers with disposable income,​ which they shirted to​ the​ real estate market before e it​ began its descent. Boomers have been thinking ahead to​ retirement for the​ past ten years,​ and vacation home purchased cheaply and paid off can often turn into ideal retirement homes.

The same factors that make a​ part of​ the​ country attractive as​ a​ vacation spot--climate and natural beauty--also make it​ attractive as​ a​ place to​ spend retirement,​ so by purchasing vacation homes along the​ coasts and in​ the​ Sun Belt,​ many Boomers are now set to​ spend their leisure years in​ the​ sun. But until they are officially retired,​ their vacation homes have been sheltering them on​ the​ average about forty nights a​ year,​ and sheltering paying guests as​ often as​ possible.

Vacation homes are no longer the​ impractical purchases they once were; with the​ advent of​ the​ Internet and cell phones,​ vacation homes allow their owners,​ in​ many cases,​ to​ bring the​ job along while enjoying a​ change of​ scene.

And as​ more Boomers have purchased more vacation homes in​ the​ areas with the​ best retirement potential,​ they have effectively cornered the​ market on​ vacation properties n those areas,​ so anyone wanting in​ after them will be paying much more than they did.

The most popular locations for vacation homes? Not surprisingly,​ resort areas like near the​ water or​ mountains,​ or​ where the​ warm days significantly outnumber the​ cold--and which have reasonable access to​ shopping,​ sporting and cultural venues,​ and outdoor recreation. All the​ things which will guarantee a​ comfortable retirement. For more info see on​ Hawaii Vacation Homes.

Do a​ Trial Run

Those who are thinking of​ investing in​ vacation homes with the​ idea living in​ them after retirement will do themselves a​ favor by first renting a​ vacation home in​ the​ area of​ their choice for a​ month or​ two during the​ worst part of​ the​ of​ year,​ and spending as​ much time as​ possible in​ the​ surroundings.

What look like vacation homes in​ a​ Sun Belt Paradise during the​ cool clear days of​ autumn and winter can be houses which you leave only after the​ sun goes down,​ and then not for very long,​ when summer is​ at​ its peak. Sometimes vacation homes should remain vacation homes.

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