Vacation Cruise Theft Safeguard Your Valuables

Vacation Cruise Theft Safeguard Your Valuables

Life on​ a​ cruise ship is​ like no other. the​ crew likes to​ have fun and the​ fellow passengers are carefree and easy going; the​ atmosphere is​ very relaxed. For this reason you need to​ be on​ guard to​ keep your valuables safe. Here are some tips for preventing theft while on​ a​ vacation cruise.

Before you board your ship,​ you’ll need to​ sign a​ waiver releasing the​ cruise line company of​ any stolen property. if​ you do have something stolen while on​ the​ ship it​ will be a​ huge hassle. You’ll need to​ file multiple police reports and the​ ship security will do little to​ find your stolen items since it’s unreasonable to​ search every passenger and crewmember on​ the​ ship. Prevention is​ crucial to​ ensure a​ hassle free travel tour cruise.

The ship has safety boxes for guest to​ store their valuables. Take advantage of​ these especially if​ you have expensive jewelry or​ other pricey items that you won’t be carrying with you everyday. Don’t rely on​ hiding your valuable in​ your room; everyone knows to​ look under the​ mattress.

Don’t bring too much cash with you. While you’re on​ the​ ship there will be little need for cash. You can pay your tab at​ the​ end of​ your trip. Credit cards are widely accepted and many ports of​ call,​ even in​ foreign countries,​ will have bank machines. Make a​ list of​ your credit card institutions,​ the​ card numbers and bank contact details. Keep the​ list separate from your cards and consider giving it​ to​ a​ family member for safekeeping. Also think about getting traveler’s checks; there is​ only a​ small fee involved and they are easily replaced if​ lost or​ stolen.

While 99 percent of​ the​ crew and fellow passengers are honest,​ there can be one or​ two who are dishonest. Don’t let your guard down and keep your wallet or​ purse close to​ you. While you’re at​ the​ pool make sure a​ family member watches over your valuables. Though pickpockets are rare,​ keep your wallet in​ your front pocket. Never leave money or​ jewelry out in​ your room; it​ can be a​ temptation for dishonest crewmembers. Keep track of​ your room key and always make sure your cabin door is​ securely shut.

If you see anyone that appears to​ be suspicious report it​ to​ security. Make sure you let your kids know that even on​ a​ cruise where everyone is​ friendly they should not talk to​ strangers.

Taking a​ cruise is​ sure to​ be a​ “once in​ a​ lifetime” vacation that will bring you years of​ wonderful memories. Cruise ship safety is​ essential to​ ensure a​ hassle free and enjoyable vacation. Keep your valuables secure,​ don’t carry too much cash and report anything suspicious.

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