Vacation Apartments The Good And The Bad

Vacation Apartments The Good And The Bad

Strata titled holiday apartments on​ the​ east coast of​ Australia first came about well over a​ quarter of​ a​ century ago as​ a​ means of​ building holiday accommodation in​ large building complexes without the​ whole resort being owned by a​ single identity.

A ten storey building could then be built with each seperate apartment sold off to​ the​ public and one of​ the​ apartments to​ a​ resident manager who maintained the​ whole resort. They kept the​ gardens maintained,​ cleaned the​ pool and generally looked after the​ building. the​ other role they played was to​ rent out the​ apartments of​ owners to​ vacationers as​ an​ onsite real estate agent.

All this looks great and while the​ building is​ relatively new doesn't cause any great problems.Once the​ apartments become aged and in​ need sprucing up a​ bit it​ is​ up to​ each owner to​ then renovate there own apartment. Many owners don't understand or​ simply refuse to​ update to​ a​ standard you would like to​ stay in​ on​ holiday. Older buildings can then have a​ variety of​ standards of​ accommodation and not all apartments look like the​ glossy brochures you see.

Apartment managers actively encourage owners to​ update,​ as​ the​ quality of​ apartments on​ offer,​ if​ left to​ decline will adversely affect there business.

It is​ important that you either check with managers what your standard of​ accommodation will be or​ you book through a​ company that will insist that there buildings are maintainted at​ certain standard to​ come under there banner.

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