V A C A T I O N Anytime Anywhere

V A C A T I O N Anytime Anywhere

Webster's dictionary defines vacation as​ "a period of​ time for pleasure,​ rest,​ or​ relaxation". Most vacationers,​ however,​ aren't aware of​ this definition,​ as​ they often return from their trip feeling less relaxed than when they left! Luckily,​ more and more people are discovering that Webster's definition of​ "vacation" is​ synonymous with timeshare ownership. Here's why:

Timeshare owners enjoy the​ privacy of​ a​ home with the​ amenities of​ a​ world-class resort!
Timeshare owners know that their timeshares provide better value than renting hotel rooms.
Timeshare owners are less burdened than full-time vacation homeowners.

According to​ the​ American Resort Development Association's (ARDA) recent study,​ most timeshare owners believe that their timeshares are better than hotels. in​ fact,​ when asked about their overall satisfaction with their timeshare property,​ 78% of​ the​ timeshare owners rated their property as​ "excellent". When timeshare owners were asked if​ they were getting good value for their money,​ 72% of​ the​ owners rated their properties as​ "excellent",​ compared to​ 58% of​ those who stayed in​ hotels.

Mike Hussey,​ ARDA's Chief of​ Staff,​ confirms that this is​ due to​ new trends in​ vacation ownership over the​ past several years. "Timeshare owners are more satisfied with their overall vacation experience and feel that they get good value for their hard-earned money,​" says Mr. Hussey. in​ fact,​ the​ numbers back him up. in​ 1980,​ only about 155,​000 households owned a​ timeshare at​ 500 resorts worldwide. Today,​ there are over 5,​000 timeshare resorts with 4.5 million vacation owners worldwide. it​ seems as​ though more people ARE learning to​ "vacation"!

Besides receiving better value,​ timeshare owners also appreciate the​ benefits that come with part-time vacation home ownership. On an​ average,​ vacation homes in​ the​ United States are used 17 nights per year! Unless the​ owner uses this property a​ lot,​ they are paying way too much for a​ vacation home that does not provide much utility. They're paying full time for a​ part time vacation. Year round vacation homeowners spend more for maintenance costs (even when they are not there),​ and spend more of​ their valuable "vacation" time on​ upkeep.

Life's too short not to​ enjoy great vacations. You work too hard to​ deserve anything less! Your free time is​ your own. When you do discover the​ definition of​ vacation,​ we​ hope that you'll practice what you learn,​ and practice often… as​ practice makes perfect.

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