Using Your Logo Efficiently

Using Your Logo Efficiently
There should be a​ consistent look and feel to​ every page of​ your website .​
You want your visitors to​ know they haven't actually left your site when they go to​ another page .​
Icons for going back or​ to​ the next page, for printing the page or​ even the icons that line your menu should all follow the same theme as​ your site as​ part of​ your marketing effort .​
Every aspect of​ your website should be about your brand .​
Standing out from the rest is​ not nearly as​ important as​ having others recognize your site .​
If a​ visitor travels to​ other pages and they look different, they may believe they accidentally left your site and then leave it​ all together.
A simple concept for internet market branding is​ your logo as​ an​ icon .​
You can then use this as​ buttons and every time a​ person has to​ click, your logo makes an​ imprint .​
Obviously it​ will need to​ be much smaller than the main logo on your page or​ other areas to​ be used as​ a​ menu icon, perhaps as​ small as​ 16 x 16 pixels, but the reduced image will continue your branding throughout your pages and offer a​ benefit to​ your internet marketing effort.
Additionally, with this level of​ branding throughout your site there will be no doubt in​ your visitor's mind where they are .​
You can even make it​ so a​ visitor bookmarking your site will see the icon in​ his or​ her favorites, further imprinting the image .​
Remember, returning visitors often buy more than first time visitors and keeping your image in​ their minds will aid your internet marketing efforts
With a​ bit of​ creativity, you can make it​ so prospective customers automatically think of​ you when they see your logo .​
This is​ one of​ the simplest yet most effective branding methods.

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