Using Titles With Your Web Links Images

Using Titles With Your Web Links Images

Using "Title Tags" for​ your web links & images is​ an​ arsenal many companies fail to​ utilize. These tags will help search engines to​ navigate through your information.

In the​ last topic we talked about Meta Tags within your web site source code. We also discussed how important it​ is​ to​ use the​ same words in​ your content that you included within your meta tags.

Another tip for​ your to​ complete your web page optimization is​ to​ include title tags for​ your relevant images.

Title Tags for​ Your Images:

It's well known that more and​ more people are now searching "Goggles Image Search Engine" People love to​ find images, why not help them find the​ images related to​ your business?

Let's say you sell cars, wouldn't it​ be nice to​ have all your cars listed online found within that "Goggles Image Search Engine"? This feature will allow more people to​ find your web site.

Tip #1 When Utilizing Titles On Your Images:
Creating titles or​ utilizing the​ "Alt" command as​ we say will let a​ search engine know what the​ image is​ about.

Like mentioned before, search engines are nothing more than robots going through your web site. They don't stop to​ look at​ your images, they only see the​ code.

Providing a​ title or​ Alt command for​ your image will allow the​ search engine to​ know what the​ image is​ all about which will increase your web sites content relevancy.

Tip #2 When Considering Image Links:

When using an​ image for​ a​ web link to​ another page, give your image a​ name that is​ meaning full to​ your service or​ product.

Ex. Well use this image below that will link to​ this page!

Using Title Tags

1. I've linked the​ image button to​ this page called "Using Title Tags"
2. I've named the​ image button "using_title_tags.gif"
3. the​ title of​ the​ image is: "Using Title Tags"

All of​ these steps will let the​ search engines know exactly what the​ image is​ about! Yes, I agree all these steps seem like a​ lot of​ work but in​ the​ end, when your sales are up, you won't be thinking about how much work it​ took but how successful you have become.

Notice how all these steps have given 3 "Key Phrases" for​ search engines to​ look at​ to​ determine the​ meaning of​ the​ image.

1. ( a​ href= ) - the​ web link command to​ another page
2. ( img src= ) - Where to​ find the​ image and​ what it's called
3. ( alt= ) - the​ title of​ the​ image

Let's recap what you've learned so far...

- Search Engines are robots that look for​ "Meta Tags" & "Web Page Content"
- Meta Tags include: 1) Title, 2) Description, 3) Keywords
- Make sure your Meta Tags describe your web page content
- Add a​ relevant Title to​ your web links
- Add a​ relevant "Alt Title" to​ your images for​ more visitors

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