Using Search Engine Gateway Smarter To Find Your Information

Today, I want to​ share with you how I use search engine gateway to​ find information. For those of​ you who know the term “search engine gateway” for the first time, I strongly recommend you to​ read the article “What is​ search engine gateway?” I wrote before and go to​ Navino’s website to​ see how it​ works.

Put it​ in​ simple, by adding a​ short search name, which represents one website, before the search keywords, I can search hundreds of​ search engines with just one search box. Search engine gateway gets the search name information and forwards me to​ the pre-defined search engine. For example, Navino defines “b” as​ Google’s blog search engine. So if​ I want to​ search something on “Linux”, I just use “b Linux” in​ my search box and the search gateway would forward me to​ Google’s blog search engine with the keyword “Linux”.

Navino has already defined some search names for most popular search engines. These search engines are assigned with one-letter search names for easy use. Some of​ them are Google, Yahoo’s stock information,’s weather information, and’s dictionary search. Navino also allows you to​ recommend search names for some websites, but those search names are required to​ be approved for wide public interesting only.

Sometimes, a​ few search engines I want to​ use are not in​ Navino’s public search name database. Therefore, Navino also allows me to​ define private search names for personal use only. These search names are not required to​ be approved and can be used immediately after define.

One more trick when I use search engine gateway is, I define private search names as​ a​ shortcut to​ my favorite websites. For example, I defined “h” for When I want to​ check my email, I just put “h” in​ the search box and the gateway will forward me accordingly to​ the hotmail website.

I hope this article can help you to​ use search engine gateway better and smarter. And I also want to​ hear from you about your story how to​ use search engine gateway in​ the near future. Enjoy!

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