Using Press Releases To Get Traffic And Build Links To Your Website

Using Press Releases To Get Traffic And Build Links To Your Website

One of​ the​ most powerful ways to​ bring traffic into a​ website and​ build links is​ to​ use press releases.

If you’re using online methods to​ distribute your press release, you’ll find that every time you submit on, it​ will bring in​ both traffic and​ links.

Even if​ your press release doesn’t generate any interest from reporters, it​ will still help your website.

A great press release can completely change your business and​ bring in​ a​ flood of​ traffic, links, and​ even get you on CNBC or​ Oprah.

Even when given all the​ benefits of​ press releases, however, most people will never use them.

They have a​ list of​ excuses that include: I don’t have anything newsworthy; My business is​ different; I don’t know how to​ write a​ press release; and​ this one really befuddles me – because someone might actually call them and​ want to​ interview them – they’d have to​ *gasp* actually talk about their business to​ someone.

Of course, they’re just that – excuses. Coming up with something newsworthy is​ relatively easy. Any business can benefit from the​ use of​ press releases, they’re even relatively easy to​ write. for​ those who are afraid you might actually have to​ talk to​ someone, though, I’m not sure what to​ tell you – a​ lot of​ times, no reporters will call, but they might.

Here’s a​ few tips for​ successful press releases.

1) Headlines Are Vital

Just like a​ great headline can make or​ break a​ salesletter, the​ headline of​ your press release can make or​ break it. if​ your headline doesn’t grab someone’s attention, then it​ doesn’t matter how great the​ rest of​ your press release is​ because nobody’s going to​ read it. if​ you need help coming up with headlines, just go to​ your library and​ look at​ the​ headlines of​ magazines and​ newspapers. You’ll find plenty of​ great headlines within their pages.

2) Not an​ Advertisement

Remember that your press release is​ not an​ advertisement. While you can certainly use them to​ promote a​ new product or​ service in​ your business, the​ actual press release should read like it’s being written by a​ neutral third party. Think of​ yourself as​ the​ reporter writing the​ story about the​ product, why it​ was created, and​ a​ little history. Don’t hype up the​ product, just give them the​ facts.

3) Quotes

Have you ever noticed how just about every article you read in​ a​ newspaper has a​ quote from one person or​ multiple people? That’s because quotes make your stories more interesting. Always include a​ quote from someone in​ your press release, even if​ the​ only person you can quote is​ yourself.

So next time you’re looking for​ to​ get more traffic or​ links to​ your website, give the​ press release a​ try.

Using Press Releases To Get Traffic And Build Links To Your Website

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