Using Get Paid To Programs For Freelancers

Using Get Paid To Programs For Freelancers

One of​ the​ many ways that freelancers can make money from home is​ to​ sign up to​ one or​ more of​ the​ “Get Paid To” programs (or GPTs). if​ you have been researching work at​ home jobs, you will probably have seen ads which claim that you can make money by reading e-mail or​ by answering surveys and​ trying free samples. the​ good news is​ that many freelancers make money doing exactly those things. However, a​ word of​ warning is​ necessary; this particular industry is​ attracts a​ lot of​ scammers so if​ you are interested in​ getting involved with GPT programs make sure that you do thorough checks on the​ companies that attract your interest. Take special precautions to​ protect both yourself and​ the​ security of​ the​ data on your computer.

It should be stressed that very few people actually make full time income from GPT programs. Like mystery shopping, GPT should be viewed as​ a​ source of​ supplemental income. for​ many freelancers, GPT programs offer a​ fun and​ easy way to​ earn some extra cash when they need to. Freelancers who have most experience of​ using the​ programs usually advise that you never rely on GPT to​ pay your monthly bills. On the​ other hand, they can provide a​ perfectly good way of​ earning money for​ special occasions, for​ holidays or​ shopping for​ gifts.

So how exactly do GPT programs work? There are basically three distinct categories of​ GPT program. You can get paid to​ read e-mail, get paid to​ fill out surveys and​ get paid to​ sample products. Each type has its own particular advantages and​ disadvantages. Before you start any GPT program, you should take some precautionary measures to​ safeguard your personal information. You will be required to​ give some personal information in​ order to​ join many of​ these programs, but the​ less you actually say about yourself the​ better.

For a​ start you should set up a​ separate e-mail address for​ your GPT activities. Many GPT programs end up generating a​ lot of​ spam mail, so you will not want to​ use your main e-mail address. if​ one of​ the​ conditions is​ that you provide a​ phone number, you can register with voicemail service to​ get a​ voicemail inbox and​ private phone number. This will help keep your home phone free of​ telemarketing calls.

Get paid to​ read e-mail programs generally pay you a​ few cents for​ reading e-mail and​ clicking on the​ accompanying links. the​ email messages usually contain offers for​ special deals on products or​ invitations to​ sign up for​ programs. Depending on the​ e-mail program, you will sometimes get more money or​ points if​ you try the​ offer, however, you should still get paid a​ few cents even if​ you decline to​ try the​ offers, provided you click the​ link inside the​ email. There are many popular paid e-mail companies. Do some research on Internet forums or​ via Google before you sign up for​ a​ program to​ make sure that people are actually getting paid. Avoid signing up for​ too many programs at​ once or​ your GPT e-mail address will be swamped with junk mail.

Getting paid to​ complete surveys works in​ a​ similar way. You sign up for​ a​ survey program and​ then fill out some personal details. You will be matched to​ surveys that are looking for​ the​ opinions of​ people in​ your particular niche; that is, people of​ your age, income bracket and​ some other factors. Depending on the​ company, either you will get paid for​ each survey you complete or​ the​ surveys you complete will earn you points that can be redeemed later. Just as​ with get paid to​ read e-mail programs, make sure you do adequate research on survey companies before you sign up to​ any of​ them. There are hundreds out there but only a​ relatively few are worth the​ time and​ effort.

Finally there are programs that pay you to​ sample products. These programs pay significantly more than the​ other GPT programs. On the​ other hand, however, you will be required to​ pay anything from $1 to​ $10 to​ try the​ products. When you sign up to​ this kind of​ program, you have to​ make a​ point of​ keeping complete records of​ what you will be receiving and​ when you need to​ cancel the​ service or​ return the​ item otherwise you may end up paying more than you earn. Most of​ the​ time you will have to​ make an​ initial commitment to​ receive a​ product automatically every month, but you will have an​ option to​ cancel the​ contract within a​ certain period of​ time. Unless you really get hooked on the​ product you sample you will probably want to​ cancel the​ standing order before you have to​ pay for​ it. With legitimate GTI programs you will be able to​ call the​ company and​ cancel the​ service, yet still be paid for​ signing up for​ the​ GPT program.

Remember that GPT programs are a​ great way to​ earn supplementary income but should not really be considered as​ something to​ be relied on to​ cover your monthly bills.

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