Using Flash Slideshow In Your Web Design

Using Flash Slideshow In Your Web Design

If you looking for​ a​ flash slide show solution with thumbnail preview, it​ would be helpful to​ see lots of​ thumbnails and​ load dynamically, with advanced visual effects, the​ bigger image if​ the​ thumbnail is​ clicked.

Now this is​ a​ lot of​ work with Macromedia Flash and​ you need a​ good Flash skill; the​ cost of​ this quality will be very expensive.

The Flash software is​ quite complicated, but the​ results can be well worth the​ effort, .for many people it​ just seems too expensive and​ complicated option.

However, there are many simple and​ cost-effective web design solutions available that will create a​ quality flash slideshow for​ as​ little as​ a​ few dollars.

You can't afford to​ pay a​ web site designer to​ design a​ Flash slideshow for​ you.

So how do you get around this problem? Actually it​ is​ very easy, and​ as​ always there are options!


The solution is​ the​ stand alone program that allows you to​ construct a​ flash slideshow without knowing any Macromedia Flash. Among the​ better ones is​ A2 Flash slideshow Editor which comes in​ two softwares: BUILDER and​ COMPOSER.

Think of​ these as​ personal and​ business.

How it​ work:

A2 Flash slideshow Editor is​ very easy to​ use, in​ 5 steps, with the​ A2 Flash BUILDER, you create, in​ minutes, your flash slideshow with thumbnails, transitions, zoom, interactive controls and​ advanced visual effects. Your clients will be absolutely jazzed by the​ flash slideshow You will produce for​ their websites.

Step 1: Add Images, text and​ sound. Step 2 choose your flash slideshow templates from a​ great number of​ these. Step 3: Add effects, transition and​ much more. Step 4: Publish your flash slideshow. That’s all.

Customizing your A2 Flash slideshow Templates with A2 Flash COMPOSER is​ easy

Step 1: From A2 Flash BUILDER select the​ Flash template to​ modify.

Step 2: Launch the​ Composer Sw.

Step 3: Change position, dimensions, animations, masks and​ much more like you want.

Step 4: See preview. Step 5 Create in​ seconds your 100% customized Flash template.

By purchasing a​ sw like A2 Flash slideshow Editor you will greatly reduce the​ cost of​ the​ design and​ as​ a​ bonus, you will know from the​ start what it​ will look like when it​ is​ finished.

Okay, here's the​ way to​ do a​ perfect Flash slideshow.

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