Using E Learning In Erp System Implementation

Using E Learning In Erp System Implementation

Using E-Learning in​ ERP Systems Implementation
Using E-Learning in​ ERP Systems Implementation
E-Learning and​ Its Benefits.
In today's world, information technologies are actively used in​ many spheres of​ life, including learning .​
In particular, e-learning courses are becoming more and​ more popular .​
Computer-based training saves you time, money, and​ effort when implementing such intricate software solutions as​ MS Dynamics AX or​ NAV .​
This way of​ studying can be useful not only for​ individuals, but also for​ large corporations.

In this article we will explain the​ advantages of​ online training during the​ implementation of​ complicated software products in​ general and​ Microsoft Dynamics products in​ particular .​
So, why should you use e-learning, and​ what benefits can it​ bring to​ your organization?
Theory and​ practice .​
Online courses allow students to​ gain theoretical knowledge and​ ground it​ in​ practice on the​ spot.
Knowledge assessment .​
Assess your knowledge by answering online test questions.
Interactivity .​
Software emulations enable the​ students to​ work with the​ program interface without installation.
Flexibility .​
Learn any time you wish within the​ 3-month access period.
Reasonable prices .​
Distance education for​ Microsoft Dynamics products costs less than offline classes .​
Implement ERP Systems with E-Learning
These days, ERP systems develop so fast that it's hard to​ ensure that employees are properly trained on them .​
Traditional trainings are not sufficient, and​ that's why a​ new technology needs to​ be introduced .​
When implementing Microsoft Dynamics products, namely ERP systems, most companies hire experienced professionals to​ do this job, which involves additional expenses .​
Instead of​ this you can use e-learning to​ train the​ specialists who are already employed in​ your company .​
When correctly integrated with ERP processes, a​ comprehensive e-learning solution makes it​ possible to​ increase knowledge and​ improve skills for​ both internal and​ external users of​ the​ system .​
However, in​ no circumstances should you put the​ offline courses aside .​
E-learning solutions cannot completely substitute conventional classroom training, so you can effectively combine online and​ offline education for​ your specialists .​
For example, the​ theory can be taught traditionally, while the​ practical tasks can be done by the​ means of​ online trainings .​
Moreover, if​ someone of​ your employees need to​ conduct trainings on MS Dynamics software, he or​ she can effectively use e-learning courses to​ prepare beforehand.

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