Using A Directory Of Podcast Videos

Using A Directory Of Podcast Videos

Using a​ Directory of​ Podcast Videos
While some video feeds can be found by visiting the
site that hosts them, many more are easier found by
visiting a​ directory of​ podcast videos .​
These podcast
video directories maintain listings of​ podcasts that have
been submitted to​ them .​
They may sort the​ list
according to​ region, category, and​ popularity, helping
visitors find exactly the​ type of​ feed they are looking
for .​
Tech video podcasts can be found, with regular
episodes about technology news .​
Some video feeds are
experimental podcasts, created by designers interested
in showcasing their work and​ trying out new forms of
editing and​ storytelling .​
There are some feeds that
recreate talk and​ comedy shows, with interviews every
A directory of​ podcast videos can help anyone find new
and interesting podcasts to​ subscribe to, and​ it​ can also
help podcasters advertise their feeds .​
Rather than
relying on word of​ mouth advertising and​ people
stumbling onto the​ feed, a​ directory makes it​ easier for
listeners to​ find the​ feed .​
Directories play the​ role that
early search engines did, maintaining a​ list of​ a
relatively small group of​ net addresses that otherwise
would not be found.
After looking through a​ directory of​ podcast videos and
finding a​ feed that is​ appealing, it​ can be subscribed to
by using a​ podcast client .​
a​ podcast client is​ a​ computer
program that checks the​ RSS file that stores the
information about the​ feed and​ downloads the​ video
files that the​ video podcast links to .​
The file can then be
watched by the​ user on their computer whenever and​ as
many times as​ they wish.

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