Useful Web Design Tips

Useful Web Design Tips

Useful Web Design Tips
There are many aspects to​ designing an​ effective web site .​
Whether you own a​ company and​ are looking for​ advertise, promote, and​ sell your products and​ services, or​ you just simply want to​ create a​ web page that will tell others more about you, you want to​ be sure people will notice it .​
That is​ why effective web design is​ essential to​ the​ promotion of​ yourself, your product, and, of​ course, your site.
The first thing people are likely to​ notice when they visit your site is​ its appearance .​
It is​ a​ good idea to​ make sure the​ content is​ clear and​ concise so there won’t be any confusion about where to​ find information .​
That will save visitors time, and​ can mean the​ difference between their continuing to​ browse your site, or​ simply finding another like it .​
The following are some tips that will help you effectively design your site, and​ can help promote you as​ well as​ what you have to​ offer.
Loading time is​ probably the​ most crucial aspect of​ web design .​
Just because you have a​ great looking web site does not mean others will see it​ if​ it​ takes a​ long time to​ load .​
The design you choose should be optimized for​ the​ web, and​ should generally take no more than 15 seconds to​ load .​
If the​ load time is​ longer than this, people are likely to​ click on another site instead .​
While pictures, graphics, and​ sound can definitely make it​ appealing, they can take a​ while to​ load, so you don’t want to​ have too many on the​ front end .​
The same goes for​ each individual page on your web site .​
If a​ particular page takes too long to​ load, the​ person perusing your site may decide to​ go elsewhere for​ the​ information.
Clear navigation is​ another important aspect of​ good and​ effective web design .​
If your site is​ easy to​ get around, users are less likely to​ become confused .​
If information is​ too difficult to​ locate, they will more than likely go elsewhere to​ find it .​
Be sure the​ links and​ information are placed so that they make sense to​ those visiting your site .​
If there is​ a​ logical order, be sure to​ follow it.
Design your site in​ terms of​ percentage, not pixels .​
This is​ important because of​ the​ many different screen resolutions available for​ computers today .​
You want to​ be sure yours will work for​ these various resolutions so that more people will be able to​ access your site and​ view its contents.
Web browser compatibility is​ also a​ very important aspect of​ good web design .​
When creating your site, don’t stop when it​ looks good and​ works well with one browser .​
Make sure it​ works with commonly used browsers such as​ Internet Explorer and​ Netscape .​
This is​ important because what is​ compatible with one browser may not be with another .​
Since the​ object is​ to​ draw as​ many people as​ you possibly can to​ your site, making sure they are able to​ access it​ is​ important.
There are many other features you can add to​ your site to​ make it​ more appealing .​
Keep in​ mind that the​ people who visit your site will come from a​ wide variety of​ computer backgrounds, and​ will own different computer equipment .​
Be as​ diverse as​ you possibly can, and​ remember that the​ web is​ constantly evolving, and​ in​ order to​ keep up, you must evolve with it.

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