Used Truck Buying Guide

Used Truck Buying Guide

Here are some of​ the most important questions I think a​ potential buyer should ask his sales person before they buy their truck. By asking these questions to​ me, or​ someone else you will save yourself time and possibly a​ lot of​ money. I would welcome these questions , and I will answer them accurately and sincerely.

1. Does the truck have any type of​ warranty?

2. What kind of​ inspection process do you have on the trucks coming in​ to​ your inventory?
Comments: The company normally will have an​ inspection procedure they do when the truck first arrives. Inquire about this.

3. Who owned the truck before you acquired it?

4. Can I take the truck and have it​ inspected before I purchase it?
Comments: it​ is​ always a​ good idea to​ have another pair of​ eyes look at​ the trucks before you purchase the truck.

5. What are the exact specifications of​ the truck? Comments: We are all human and we all make mistakes. The salesman should double check the trucks and make sure the specifications are correct to​ meet your needs. Double check the horse power rating, rear end ratios, and transmission models. They will have a​ great affect on the performance of​ the truck and your fuel economy.

6. Does the truck have any wreck damage? Comments: Have the salesman look for items like non factory rivets, frame straightness, and other body shop repairs. a​ salesman with a​ lot of​ experience will have a​ good eye for these type of​ problems.

7. How many miles are on the truck? Comments: Odometers break unfortunately, but a​ nice thing about the newer electronic engines is​ that we can read the internal computers if​ it​ is​ a​ Detroit engine or​ a​ Cummins engine. Have the salesman double check this for you if​ possible.

8. What should I look for before test driving the truck? Comments: Do a​ walk around the truck looking at​ brakes, tires, wreck damage, engine leaks, analyze if​ the wheel base is​ correct, look for suspension wear, and overall appearance, take a​ look at​ the oil and water for contamination.

9 . What should I look for during a​ test drive? Comments: Use all of​ your senses the best you can. Are there any vibrations? Does the engine sound right? What does the exhaust smoke look like, and is​ it​ the correct color after the engine has warmed up.? How does the transmission and clutch feel?

10. What do I look for after the test drive? Comments: Check the truck for leaks, check the engine for having too much compression, do another walk around to​ see if​ you see any other problems that you missed the first time. Comments: it​ is​ always good to​ know if​ the truck has belonged to​ a​ company that took good care of​ it.

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