Used Laptops A Money Saving Idea For College Students

Used Laptops A Money Saving Idea For College Students

Used Laptops – a​ Money Saving Idea For College Students
In recent years,​ laptop computers have become much more popular than desktops,​ especially among students .​
It is​ estimated that well over 90% of​ college students that own a​ computer will buy a​ laptop instead of​ a​ desktop .​
The advantages of​ portability and the​ growing number of​ available wireless internet hubs make this an​ easy choice.
The downside of​ buying laptops is​ that they are generally much more expensive than desktop computers that have the​ same amount of​ power and memory.
Fortunately,​ this is​ one area where college students can easily save a​ lot of​ money .​
Many laptop computer manufacturers,​ such as​ Dell,​ HP,​ and Gateway,​ all have a​ wide selection of​ used laptop computers which are refurbished and resold at​ prices much lower than you would pay for a​ brand new notebook .​
Although they are used,​ they have been refitted and re-inspected by the​ manufacturer and even given a​ warranty that usually covers the​ first 90 days after purchase.
At today’s prices,​ it’s hard to​ find a​ new laptop computer for less than $750,​ and even then you are buying the​ cheapest model with the​ smallest screen size and minimum amount of​ power .​
To get a​ bigger screen,​ more memory,​ and more processing speed,​ you can easily end up paying from $1,​000 to​ $2,​000 or​ more for a​ new laptop.
With a​ used laptop,​ you can get the​ same power and screen size of​ the​ pricier new laptops without paying the​ higher price .​
The lower-priced used laptops can range from $300 to​ $800,​ and these aren’t weak little Celerons or​ Semprons .​
At this price range,​ you could be getting a​ Pentium M,​ Centrino,​ Core Duo,​ or​ Turion 64 with 512MB to​ 1GB of​ memory and at​ least a​ 14 screen .​
Used laptops in​ the​ $300 to​ $800 price range also typically have a​ hard drive with 30 to​ 120 gigabytes of​ space,​ plus a​ preloaded operating system,​ such as​ Windows XP or​ Vista .​
Brand new laptops with the​ same specifications would easily cost two or​ three times the​ price of​ a​ similarly-equipped refurbished model.
So,​ if​ you’re looking for areas to​ save money as​ you head off to​ college,​ start by buying a​ refurbished used laptop instead of​ a​ brand new one .​
You’ll be walking around campus with a​ very capable computer for your college studies,​ except you’ll have a​ few hundred extra dollars left over for other expenses.

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