Used Equipment Staying Off The Bleeding Edge

Used Equipment Staying Off The Bleeding Edge

Used Equipment - Staying Off the​ Bleeding Edge.
Everywhere you turn,, Americans are bombarded by the​ media’s coverage of​ the​ latest technological breakthroughs .​
From high definition panels built into refrigerators to​ key chain fobs that will chirp their location on demand .​
Don’t get me wrong, technology is​ fantastic .​
Anything to​ make life easier is​ welcome and​ embraced .​
the​ problem arises when your personal addiction to​ the​ latest gadgets starts to​ cloud your judgment on business purchasing decisions.
I have seen this time after time .​
When presented with two alternatives to​ solve a​ company’s need, all too often a​ decision maker will opt for​ a​ more expensive, high tech product over a​ time proven solution .​
Akin to​ adding seat warmers to​ your Florida commuter vehicle, these choices may make you feel good at​ the​ time of​ purchase but do little to​ enhance the​ company’s bottom line .​
Even armed with comprehensive ROI statistics reflecting the​ contrary, some executives still choose to​ spend more and​ get less just to​ have the​ latest technology.
To make matters worse, some even jump into the​ bleeding edge technology .​
So named because the​ science is​ so new and​ untested that the​ buyer becomes the​ guinea pig and​ suffers all the​ associated expense of​ troubleshooting the​ new concepts .​
Not to​ be confused with the​ leading edge where products and​ concepts have at​ least been tried and​ proven but still retain the​ price gap over old tech .​
These super high-tech purchases are almost always based on emotions and​ hype not the​ hard facts, or​ at​ least not all the​ facts .​
Otherwise the​ newest, exorbitantly priced products would find very few homes with steadfast, bottom-line conscientious managers.
A very good example of​ this can be found in​ the​ industrial fabricating market .​
Any shop experiencing growth is​ faced with the​ choice of​ buying new machinery or​ locating quality used or​ rebuilt equipment .​
Considering equivalent machines, it​ is​ amazing how often the​ nod goes to​ a​ new machine .​
Even with a​ price tag of​ potentially hundreds of​ thousands higher, and​ long lead times, new machinery is​ moving at​ a​ steady clip .​
Although tax consequences play a​ role in​ these purchases, it​ is​ a​ tough task to​ re-coup a​ 100% price increase by tax write-offs.
The mechanical make-up of​ a​ typical machine tool further adds to​ the​ argument of​ buying rebuilt equipment .​
In it’s simplest form, a​ machine tool consists of​ a​ frame, drives, servos and​ a​ computerized control .​
a​ good frame is​ essentially timeless and​ like a​ good wine, can become better with age .​
Add to​ this frame some new drives, servos and​ a​ PC based controller and​ you have essentially a​ new machine .​
Sometimes with better performance than a​ fresh one rolling out of​ the​ factory .​
Now I​ ask again, why pay a​ 100% premium for​ a​ new machine.

If service and​ warranty play a​ major role in​ the​ decision making process, look to​ reputable reseller and​ you will probably find technicians that are former employees of​ and​ trained by the​ OEMs .​
a​ good reseller will have complete confidence in​ their rebuilds and​ provide a​ comprehensive warranty that may exceed the​ OEM warranty in​ duration and​ response time.
We all know of​ the​ savings to​ be enjoyed by purchasing a​ used automobile yet we still but new cars for​ reasons of​ pride .​
Capital expenditures should not be an​ emotional decision .​
Gather as​ much information as​ possible to​ compare both new used equipment that will accomplish your goals now and​ into the​ future .​
And make sure your supplier will provide the​ warranty and​ service you would expect from new equipment .​
Then sit back, relax, enjoy your enhanced bottom line and​ revel in​ the​ fact that you made the​ right decision.

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