Used Car Buying Tips For Dummies

Used Car Buying Tips For Dummies

It’s just one of​ those mornings. as​ the rain pours down and I’m trying to​ start my mini (yes those old small ones) I decide it’s time to​ buy a​ new car.

Now, before I embark on this wonderful journey- there are a​ few stumble blocks I need to​ sort out. Firstly, I can’t afford a​ new car, but I’m sure I can find a​ nice, affordable second hand car somewhere. Secondly, I have no idea what to​ look for in​ a​ car.

For me it’s all about how cute I will look in​ it​ and that it​ will take me from point a​ to​ point B. I know nothing more than the absolute necessary. The engine is​ in​ the front under the hood, the spare wheel is​ somewhere in​ the back and I know where the exhaust is. Furthermore, my knowledge is​ very limited.

With my boyfriend out of​ town and my time relatively limited, I need to​ find some or​ other guide to​ help me. a​ guide for people who knows nothing about cars, something written for dummies, a​ buyers guide for second hand cars.

Obviously, the best and first place I look for this ‘Used car buyers guide for dummies’ is​ on the Internet. I, of​ course, find quite a​ few irrelevant results that just show me lists of​ car dealers.

Eventually I stumble across a​ very in-depth used car buyers guide that gives you twelve different things to​ look out for when buying a​ car. I had to​ read it​ twice to​ understand everything, but eventually I got the hang of​ it.

Firstly, they give some helpful advice regarding the purchase of​ the used car. Then they chat about registration and documentation and give some useful information- mentioning things like the “Vehicle Identification Number” and where you need to​ look for it!

Furthermore the buyers guide supply the reader with tips on what to​ look out for when they are viewing a​ second hand or​ used car. They even mention the appearance of​ the car- and no this is​ not just the outside of​ the car!

They give little tidbits to​ look out for when you start-up the engine. Apparently, when you test-drive the car, you should drive it​ at​ various speeds- this will give you an​ indication of​ the condition of​ the engine.

The bodywork of​ the used car must be inspected and you should look out for any accident damage to​ the car. Make sure to​ check out the interior and the upholstery- lift seat covers to​ see if​ the seller isn’t just hiding damaged seats!

Half of​ these things I would have never even thought to​ look at! Other tips include information about the gearbox and clutch, brakes and suspension, radiator and cooling system, as​ well as​ more general things like steering and tyres.

Must say, after reading this guide, I will definitely be able to​ pick out my new second hand used car with more confidence! For those women and other dummies out there that know nothing about what to​ look out for when buying a​ second hand or​ used car- get yourself a​ buyers guide! it​ really does help.

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