Use Iron And B Vitamins To Improve Your Brain Activity

Use Iron And B Vitamins To Improve Your Brain Activity

Iron and Dementia

In the​ US iron deficiency has been found to​ be a​ major problem in​ people of​ all ages. Everyone knows the​ lack of​ iron causes anemia. Iron is​ the​ center of​ our red blood cells,​ which allow oxygen to​ be carried throughout your body and into your brain. Your brain uses over 20% of​ the​ oxygen available in​ the​ blood. Lack of​ oxygen has a​ major impact on​ your brain's health and in​ the​ formation of​ dementia.

When a​ person is​ deficient in​ iron,​ they may have difficulty in​ keeping a​ conversation or​ in​ keeping a​ good attention span.

The actual ability to​ absorb iron into your body is​ dependent on​ the​ amount of​ acid you have in​ your stomach. if​ you have acid reflux or​ heartburn and are using drugs or​ antacids to​ get relief,​ you are affecting your ability to​ absorb iron.

To absorb iron,​ the​ pH in​ your stomach has to​ be normal,​ 1 - 2 pH. Under these conditions,​ iron in​ your stomach chemically reacts with other chemicals and is​ prepared for absorption in​ the​ small intestine.

When you take drugs to​ reduce the​ acid in​ your stomach,​ the​ iron does not chemically react and change for proper absorption in​ the​ intestine. the​ result is​ iron deficiency.

Here are some of​ the​ best foods that have iron.

Fired liver,​ fried kidney,​ fired chicken liver,​ wheat bran,​ ovaltine,​ coco powder,​ spinach,​ parsley,​ radishes,​ peas,​ leeks,​ carob bar,​ sesame seeds,​ pistachio nuts,​ dried coconut,​ cashew nuts,​ muesli,​ cornflakes,​ oatmeal,​ brown rice,​ total cereal,​ baked potato
Use 25 to​ 50 mg of​ iron supplement daily. if​ you take iron supplements check with your doctor to​ see if​ you really need them. Take excessive iron can result in​ poisoning. Keep iron supplements away from children

The B-vitamin folic acid and B12 have also been a​ major problem in​ the​ US. B12 has been consistently found deficient in​ people with Alzheimer's. Folic acid and B12 have been found to​ improve mental health in​ people who were in​ metal institutions.

Folic acid and B12 work to​ produce neurotransmitters and replace nerve cells. the​ lack of​ neurotransmitters is​ responsible for loss of​ a​ good memory.

To make sure B vitamins work for you in​ keeping your mental capacities in​ tack start making sure you are getting them in​ your diet or​ taking them as​ a​ supplement. if​ supplementing,​ use the​ B50 or​ B100 complex.

It appears that after a​ certain age B12 will not help in​ alleviating mental changes or​ problems.

Here are some the​ best foods that have B vitamins.

* fish and seafood
* whole grains breads,​ cereals,​ oats,​ and barley
* chicken,​ beef,​ eggs
* most leafy green vegetables,​ avocados
* cheese,​ milk and yogurt
* beans and peas
* oranges,​ lemons,​ grapefruits
* various nuts

It is​ always best to​ get your minerals and vitamins in​ food. in​ food,​ minerals and vitamins are combined with other chemicals that allow your body to​ absorb them better than supplements.

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