Use Email To Get Inside

Use Email To Get Inside

So now that you are systematically collecting opt-in emails from your customers (if you are not see how effectively are you using email to​ build the relationship with your customers? Do you see email as​ just a​ cheap replacement for traditional print, radio, or​ TV advertising? if​ so, you are leaving opportunities on the table.

The other day I saw a​ "Graduation-Wedding-Mother's Day" sale advertised on television. I was a​ little surprised that they left out Memorial Day, but it​ highlights a​ few of​ the draw backs of​ the medium. First, it​ is​ shotgun meaning that everybody sees the same thing so you are tempted to​ provide something for everybody in​ the same ad. Second, it​ is​ expensive and takes time to​ create ads, so the inclination is​ to​ make them either very generic or, again, cover all your bases.

Email doesn't have those problems. You know exactly who you are sending to​ (and with your opt-in list you know they want it) and you can put an​ email together in​ a​ few minutes and send it​ out (if you can't, check out With these strengths, if​ you are using email just to​ say what the other guys are saying on TV you are shooting air balls.

Think of​ the email you get from your friends. Do they send you "Happy Graduation-Wedding-Mother's Day" emails? No, chances are they talk about last night's game, what happened over the weekend, or​ a​ great place they visited. Email allows you to​ be immediate and to​ be current. Use it​ that way.

Here is​ an​ example. The Suns just lost game 4 of​ the first round of​ the NBA playoffs to​ the Lakers. if​ you've got a​ business in​ Phoenix how about a​ "Beat the Lakers Special" in​ preparation for game 5? Throw in​ a​ blurb about how many teams have come back from 1 and 3 in​ the first round and sign off with "Go Suns!"

Customers not sports fans? No problem, find another local or​ regional event to​ mention. The point is​ that there are thousands of​ businesses out there throwing millions of​ dollars at​ generic ads. With email you now have a​ way to​ cut through all that chaos and capture your customers' imagination and enthusiasm with some thing that is​ uniquely you and your business. So use it.

Hey, if​ you got a​ big guy inside--get him the ball!

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