Usa Virgin Islands Casinos

Usa Virgin Islands Casinos

The Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino is​ the​ only Virgin Island,​ United States casino. it​ is​ located in​ Christiansted,​ Saint Croix. it​ is​ a​ deluxe beachfront resort situated on​ the​ island's secluded Eastern shore. Saint Croix is​ southeast of​ Miami and is​ surrounded by the​ Caribbean Sea. the​ island has a​ strong Dutch influence,​ which explains the​ island's unique colorful architecture.

This Virgin Island,​ United States casino has 344 slot machines and video poker terminals. it​ also holds sixteen gaming tables including blackjack,​ craps,​ poker,​ and roulette.

The hotel offers 126 standard rooms and in​ the​ villa area within the​ complex,​ there are 20 suites. the​ hotel also has various children's programs,​ a​ day care service,​ massage,​ and tennis courts. There is​ also a​ luxurious white sandy beach,​ just steps away from the​ resort.

The guests can also enjoy the​ hotel's fitness center,​ two whirlpools,​ two swimming pools,​ various water sports,​ and a​ diving center. There is​ even a​ spa so that you can feel pampered during your stay. a​ free Internet service is​ also available for the​ business traveler.

This Virgin Island,​ United States casino offers numerous dining options. There is​ the​ Carina Café,​ with American food on​ its menu. the​ Dockside Café and Deli is​ for casual dining,​ offering an​ American Deli and Grill and only steps away from the​ beach. the​ Seaside Coffee Shop provides various coffees and teas,​ delectable pastries,​ and ice cream treats.

For international cuisine,​ you can dine at​ the​ Starlite Bar and Grille. They use fresh local ingredients in​ their dishes. Set in​ a​ romantic atmosphere with stunning ocean views,​ you can choose to​ eat either inside or​ on​ the​ terrace. There are also menu plans available that offer a​ discount to​ diners when booked in​ advance. Guests can also enjoy the​ Mongoose bar situated on​ the​ premises of​ the​ resort.

The Divi Carina Bay Casino offers its gamers the​ excitement of​ Las Vegas,​ along with the​ carefree vibrancy of​ the​ Caribbean. in​ addition to​ the​ casino's usual games,​ there are often promotional events taking place. These include Lucky Sevens,​ Easy Money Slot Tournament,​ and a​ Bingo Bonanza. There is​ even the​ option for regular players to​ join the​ casino as​ a​ VIP member.

So whether it's a​ business trip,​ a​ family vacation,​ or​ a​ gambling vacation,​ the​ Divi Carina Bay Resort and Casino can offer you all the​ amenities you require.

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