Usa Beach Vacations

Usa Beach Vacations

USA beach destinations can be an​ excellent choice for families that want a​ fun-filled and relaxing vacation. Beaches offer a​ wide range of​ activities to​ insure the​ entire family will find something enjoyable during their stay.

Beach Activities

A day at​ the​ beach can include,​ swimming,​ jogging,​ walking,​ volleyball,​ flying kites,​ building sand castles,​ shell collecting,​ sunbathing,​ napping,​ picnics and best of​ all,​ relaxing. Bring a​ beach umbrella,​ beach chair,​ towels,​ sunblock,​ eyewear,​ camera,​ water,​ snacks,​ binoculars,​ a​ novel and don't forget your bathing suit!

Boating and Fishing

Beach destinations often have a​ nice variety of​ boat cruises,​ including,​ nature cruises,​ scenic cruises,​ sunset cruises,​ ,​ site-seeing,​ eco-tourism trips,​ kayaking adventures and fishing charters. the​ array of​ guided trips gives families a​ good choice of​ events,​ and there is​ something for everyone. For the​ more independent and experienced vacationer,​ boat and other watercraft rentals are another option.

When chartering a​ boat,​ it​ may be a​ good idea to​ consider the​ weather,​ traffic,​ and other factors,​ and plan ahead. Some boats can be chartered on​ short notice,​ while others may be booked up to​ a​ year in​ advance. Depending on​ the​ trip,​ season and vessel you might need sunblock,​ camera,​ insect repellent,​ water,​ snacks,​ a​ light jacket or​ even rain gear. Information on​ what to​ bring is​ typically available by contacting the​ captain beforehand.

On nature cruises you might encounter are any number of​ wildlife and waterfowl including deer,​ ducks,​ geese,​ herons,​ egrets,​ plovers and other shorebirds,​ whales,​ porpoises,​ otters,​ seals and more. Local guides know the​ best spots and are eager to​ guide visitors on​ trips that just cannot be viewed from land.

Fishing guides might fish for flounder,​ trout,​ bluefish,​ croakers,​ spot,​ drum,​ striped bass,​ shark,​ sea bass,​ tautog,​ tuna,​ billfish,​ mahi-mahi,​ wahoo or​ other fish,​ depending on​ the​ season,​ boat and destination. Other trips will feature crabbing,​ shrimping,​ clamming,​ or​ just exploring.


Crabbing is​ an​ enjoyable family vacation activity. Catching blue crabs does not require much in​ the​ way of​ equipment or​ skill. Crabbing can be done from a​ boat,​ pier,​ near bridges or​ along the​ shoreline. Crabbers need only a​ line,​ weight,​ bait and dip net for the​ traditional rig,​ or​ an​ inexpensive crab trap,​ which eliminates the​ need for a​ dipping crabs up. a​ more basic rig is​ just twine,​ a​ sinker and whatever bait you can obtain,​ tied on​ the​ line. the​ line is​ then lowered into the​ water,​ and gently raised once a​ tug is​ felt.

Serious crabbing baits include fresh fish,​ eels,​ bull lips and other baits but the​ most basic bait,​ chicken necks,​ work just as​ well on​ a​ hand line. the​ traps are used in​ a​ similar fashion,​ except that the​ trap is​ lifted sharply to​ close the​ doors suddenly and capture any crabs that are inside.

Crabs should be kept damp and cool and steamed as​ soon as​ possible. They are simple to​ cook,​ and can be steamed whole or​ chilled,​ then the​ backs removed and rinsed out before steaming. in​ either case,​ the​ crabs are sprinkled with crab seasoning and steamed until they are bright orange. Serve with melted butter and a​ cold refreshment! Crabmeat is​ also excellent in​ a​ variety of​ dishes and even freezes well for short periods.


Clamming is​ a​ family activity everyone can enjoy on​ a​ beach vacation. Clams are easy to​ find,​ cook and handle. Locals catch clams by raking,​ wading,​ and signing. Some clamming areas can be reached on​ foot. Boaters can explore even more possibilities. You can also use a​ local guide to​ assist you on​ an​ enjoyable clamming trip.

Dining Out

After a​ day at​ the​ beach you can stop for a​ cool ice cream cone,​ have a​ nice dinner while watching the​ sunset,​ or​ visit a​ local niteclub.

Beach destinations are known for fresh seafood! You might find fish,​ lobsters,​ crabs,​ oysters,​ clams,​ mussels,​ scallops as​ the​ fresh catch,​ depending on​ your location. Local cuisine varies but almost every beach destination will have something for everyone.


Beach resorts usually offer a​ wide range of​ accommodations. Vacationers will find vacation rentals,​ condos,​ cottages,​ hotels,​ motels,​ inns,​ bed and breakfasts,​ camping facilities or​ other options.

Vacationers can sometimes get excellent
rates and availability in​ the​ off season. During the​ peak seasons,​ rates are higher and accommodations are much harder to​ book. Visitors are advised to​ check for availability well in​ advance in​ most cases.


Festivals are often an​ enjoyable activity during a​ beach vacation. Festivals usually combine,​ food,​ shopping and entertainment in​ one safe and easy to​ find location.

The Chincoteague Island Virginia Oyster Festival is​ a​ good example of​ a​ popular Festival. the​ event features Chincoteague Island's famous oysters. the​ festival promotes the​ oyster season,​ which includes the​ cooler months of​ fall,​ winter and spring. Food served includes oysters prepared in​ a​ variety of​ ways,​ clam fritters,​ steamed crabs,​ and other items. the​ Oyster Festival is​ held at​ Maddox Family Campground,​ on​ Maddox Blvd in​ Chincoteague Island,​ Virginia.

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