Us Government Car Auctions

Us Government Car Auctions

In the​ United States of​ America (US), it​ is​ very simple to​ get a​ pre-owned vehicle. People know that the​ finest place to​ buy or​ sell their cars is​ not through dealers or​ showrooms, but the​ General Services Administration (GSA). GSA is​ a​ federal agency that offers vehicles in​ auction. Individuals can also sell their own vehicle through auction. Government agencies such as​ IRS, DEA, FBI and​ the​ police departments acquire 1000s of​ cars each month through seized and​ foreclosure laws that are auctioned off to​ the​ general public. These cars are listed and​ sold at​ up to​ 95% off of​ their original values and​ sometimes, these auctions may start from $100 only. These cars are sold very quickly as​ their storage costs are very high.

A large number of​ fresh or​ approximately new cars get forfeited or​ seized by the​ financial institutions everyday as​ thousands of​ people fail to​ pay their car mortgage or​ lease costs. These cars are also auctioned off in​ a​ hurry, because the​ rate of​ accumulating the​ cars compensates the​ banks' ability to​ get the​ lost money back (similar to​ the​ police auctions, etc.). as​ a​ result, for​ some fortunate people who have the​ access to​ straight sources, find themselves weighed down by very cheap car offers that look unbelievable to​ the​ average car buyer. This is​ real and​ is​ advantageous to​ many car dealers.

In addition, US government also sells its own vehicles after a​ certain period of​ time due to​ either change in​ policies or​ due to​ financial concerns. at​ these times, the​ vehicles are written off the​ books by selling out to​ the​ general public. Government Vehicles may come from several different sources. Generally, a​ vehicle can only be sold at​ a​ government auction if​ it​ is​ purchased under a​ federal or​ state government contract. to​ appreciate the​ numbers of​ vehicles up for​ the​ suction in​ this way, one needs to​ think of​ the​ long list of​ the​ different departments and​ levels of​ government in​ the​ US. Some of​ the​ sources of​ these used vehicles include the​ Federal Government, State Government, Local Councils organizations, Police Services / departments (incl. Sheriffs/Marshalls Dept.), Fire & Emergency Services, Religious Groups & other Non-profit Organizations, Universities & other Education Organizations, as​ well as​ Hospitals & Ambulance Services. Thousands of​ repossessed and​ seized vehicles are also auctioned off at​ these auctions.

By carrying out a​ simple hunt on your Internet, one can benefit from these great cars available in​ all kinds and​ price range. Car-Auction has a​ database full of​ thousands of​ different cars waiting for​ the​ bid. One can convert their dream car to​ reality by purchasing it​ from government & surplus auctions! Buying a​ car can be a​ difficult and​ stressful process but GAS makes it​ enjoyable and​ fun experience.

However not everyone can buy cars in​ this manner as​ this source of​ revenue is​ protected for​ the​ majority of​ car dealerships and​ not journalized. the​ general masses might have to​ go through the​ dealer or​ a​ classified ads routine. However, several organizations have gathered enough information and​ access rights to​ be able to​ let their members enjoy a​ multitude of​ the​ direct sources, whereby one can find their next vehicle with up to​ 90% savings off the​ book value price.

Us Government Car Auctions

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