Uruguay Casinos

Uruguay Casinos

Uruguay,​ the​ second smallest country in​ South America,​ allows three forms of​ legalized gambling: casinos,​ pari-mutuel,​ and horse racing. Tourists are the​ main visitors to​ the​ Uruguay casinos,​ where most of​ the​ well-known international games such as​ blackjack,​ roulette,​ baccarat,​ craps,​ punto-bunco,​ and poker,​ as​ well as​ the​ ever popular slot machines,​ are played. Poker is​ extremely popular,​ as​ it​ is​ in​ most South American countries,​ and a​ number of​ different types are played here such as​ Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold'em.

There are 15 cities with 18 gambling facilities spread throughout the​ country in​ regions including Artigas,​ Atlantida,​ Carmelo,​ Chui,​ Fray Bentos,​ La Paloma,​ Paysandu,​ Piriapolis,​ Rivera,​ and Salto Grande. the​ Casino de Estado Victoria Plaza in​ Montevideo,​ the​ capital,​ has 12 table games and over 500 slots,​ while the​ largest Uruguay casino is​ the​ 36,​000 square foot Conrad Resort and Casino in​ Punta del Este,​ with 80 table games and 640 slot and video gaming machines. Punta del Este is​ an​ upscale tourist spot,​ a​ beach resort located between the​ Rio de la Plata and the​ Atlantic Ocean. as​ a​ beach resort,​ it​ has the​ distinction of​ two different beaches,​ one for surfers,​ and one for calmer water activities such as​ swimming and water skiing. it​ is​ reasonable,​ therefore,​ that this resort would feature a​ large casino,​ as​ well,​ as​ part of​ its lively nightlife and daytime activities. There are also four restaurants,​ two bars,​ and a​ hotel at​ this resort. Two other large casinos in​ Punta del Este are the​ Mantra Resort and Spa,​ with 185 slots and 30 table games,​ and the​ Casino Nogaro with 240 slots and 10 table games.

Other Uruguay casinos include the​ Carmelo Hotel and Casino,​ with 48 slots and eight table games,​ and the​ Casino Hotel Rivera with 74 slots and nine table games. Salto,​ the​ 2nd largest town in​ Uruguay and linked to​ the​ neighboring country of​ Argentina by a​ bridge,​ also has a​ casino in​ the​ Hotel Horacio-Quiroga,​ with 50 slots and eight table games. This is​ another tourist-friendly place with numerous activities,​ such as​ water sports,​ horseback riding,​ sailing,​ and the​ well-known hot springs in​ the​ area. in​ addition,​ there are Uruguay casinos in​ various cities including the​ Casino de Estado Chui,​ the​ Sala de Esparcimientos in​ Artigas,​ the​ Sala Sarandi in​ Rivera,​ and the​ Sala Rocha that only offer slots and video gaming machines.

Uruguay may be a​ relatively small country,​ but it​ has a​ great deal to​ offer in​ the​ way of​ casinos and other gambling entertainment.

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