Updating Your Web Site Efficiently

Updating Your Web Site Efficiently

Many new webmasters, and​ even seasoned web designers, create web sites that are very inefficient in​ regard to​ updates. Updating your site keeps visitors coming back day in​ and​ day out, while at​ the​ same time giving search engines plenty to​ index. Yet if​ the​ task of​ updating your web site is​ not an​ efficient one, hundreds and​ thousands of​ hours can be lost. Using simple solutions, such as​ content management systems, the​ efficiency of​ updating a​ web site can be improved dramatically.

The Trap of​ a​ "Simple" Web Site

When I first started learning web design, I learned enough to​ make a​ simple web page. "Cool! I made a​ web page!" I thought. Indeed. Then I proceeded to​ make an​ entire web site, several hundred pages deep. "Cool! I made a​ web site!" Then came time to​ update the​ site. This is​ what I call the​ trap of​ a​ "simple web site."

An inexperienced webmaster makes a​ web site using HTML with no CMS (Content Management System), no Style Sheets, no includes, then finds things need to​ be updated and​ goes through and​ changes every single page on the​ site. Mean while, a​ Webmaster using includes or​ a​ CMS is​ able to​ update his or​ her site in​ a​ fraction of​ the​ time.

Fortunately, the​ trap is​ very easy to​ escape, and​ if​ the​ problem is​ addressed right away, not much time is​ lost at​ all. the​ downside is​ that if​ you get stuck in​ the​ trap, you can spend countless hours making changes to​ your site that otherwise could have taken minutes.

Getting Out of​ the​ "Simple" Web Site Trap

To get out of​ the​ "simple" site trap, simply transfer your site to​ a​ CMS or​ use includes and​ style sheets. There are huge numbers of​ CMS solutions available. Some are free, some charge a​ one-time fee and​ others charge a​ subscription fee. to​ get the​ best service, you will have to​ pay a​ little more. Having someone there to​ answer your questions when you need them answered is​ a​ huge plus. Spending the​ extra money to​ get the​ extra service is​ often well worth the​ investment. if​ your budget is​ tight, Open Source CMS solutions are available for​ free. a​ good programmer can do a​ basic installation of​ such a​ system in​ a​ few hours. PHP Nuke is​ an​ example of​ one popular Open Source CMS.


Many CMS solutions do much more than just allow your web site to​ be updated easily. a​ top-notch solution will include email marketing, web forms, e commerce, members' areas, lead management, and​ more. if​ you've found yourself in​ the​ "simple" site trap, the​ best thing you can do is​ get out right now. Still, careful research will ensure that you will get the​ most for​ your money.

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