Up Servicing Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up Selling Valuable Add Ons

Up Servicing Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up Selling
Valuable Add Ons

Up-Servicing: Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up-Selling Valuable Add-Ons
About once a​ week I​ grab my laptop and head to​ a​ café to​ work,​ brainstorm,​ and map out business plans .​
I​ usually enjoy a​ latté,​ cappuccino,​ or​ green tea while I​ work and I’ve found the​ change of​ scenery ignites my creativity and jump starts my productivity .​
For years I’ve gone to​ the​ same café on​ Yale Avenue for my weekly ritual,​ but last week I​ stopped into a​ Barnes & Noble Cafe .​
I​ approached the​ counter to​ purchase a​ latté and the​ sales person immediately responded with an​ up selling offer .​
She asked,​ Can I​ get you​ a​ slice of​ cheesecake to​ go with your Caramel Macchiato?
I wasn’t even thinking about dessert,​ yet I​ somehow let the​ unexpected query: Can I​ get you​ a​ slice of​ cheesecake to​ go with your Caramel Macchiato? entice me into accepting a​ rich slice of​ cheesecake .​
The lady at​ the​ Barnes & Noble Café flawlessly executed the​ up-selling technique and without any hesitation I​ accepted .​
Not once in​ the​ three years of​ my attending my usual café has anyone tried to​ upsell me .​
As I​ enjoyed each delectable bite of​ the​ cheesecake I​ wondered,​ What would it​ mean to​ Barnes & Noble’s bottom line if​ every salesperson in​ the​ Café attempted to​ upsell beverage seekers? What would it​ mean to​ the​ bottom line if​ just 2% of​ customers everyday were upsold? What would it​ mean to​ your bottom line if​ every one of​ your employees flawlessly upsold your customers?
In my experience both as​ a​ consumer and as​ a​ Business Growth Strategist,​ I​ have discovered that many businesses avoid up-selling because they're concerned that the​ customer may feel irritated or​ pressured,​ and often customer service professionals are reluctant to​ upsell because they’re uncomfortable with a​ selling role .​
But here’s the​ thing: If you​ don’t try to​ upell you​ are 1) Leaving money on​ the​ table and 2) Withholding value-added services from your customers .​
When done right,​ upselling offers translate into sales 5-20% of​ the​ time .​
And research shows that most customers appreciate up-selling when they are offered additional benefits that are relevant to​ their needs .​
Read on​ to​ get 5 tips to​ help you​ confidently and successfully upservice your customers .​
Think of​ upserving as​ Up-Servicing - When done right,​ upselling is​ simply offering a​ suggestion to​ an​ already receptive buyer to​ enhance the​ value of​ her service .​
This is​ exactly what I​ experienced at​ Barnes & Noble Cafe .​
I​ was already a​ receptive buyer and the​ cheesecake most definitely enhance the​ value of​ my experience .​
When viewed as​ truly upservicing as​ opposed to​ upselling,​ selling doesn’t feel so overwhelming .​
Make sure your upserving offer is​ always relevant to​ the​ customer’s needs .​
Offering a​ buyer of​ a​ latté a​ book on​ Feng Shui tips may not be relevant and is​ likely to​ be rejection waiting to​ happen .​
But offering dessert truly offers to​ enhance the​ receptive customer’s experience .​
Be more interested in​ being of​ service than in​ getting a​ commission .​
Always focus on​ offering products or​ services that are relevant to​ the​ customer’s needs and will arguably enhance the​ customer’s experience .​
If your sole objective is​ to​ get a​ commission,​ customers will smell you​ a​ mile away .​
And trust me,​ they will not buy .​
Recognize that upservicing increases customer satisfaction .​
Surveys and research has found that offering products your customers might find useful is​ a​ proactive effort on​ your part that conclusively leads to​ increased satisfaction and loyalty .​
Think of​ up-servicing as​ a​ proactive service initiative .​
When you​ add upservicing to​ your skill repertoire,​ you​ will increase customers satisfaction and grow your bottom line.

Up Servicing Creating Superior Customer Value Through Up Selling
Valuable Add Ons

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