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Universal Studios Tours – Park Information
If you are planning a​ trip to​ Universal Studios Tours,
you need to​ know specific information about the park
before you arrive .​
If you have special needs, you may
need more information than usual, and you should
contact Guest Services and inform them of​ your
special needs prior to​ your arrival.
You may purchase tickets in​ advance either online,
or over the telephone .​
Tickets can also be purchased
at Ticket Master Outlets and through travel agents .​
You may also purchase tickets at​ the gate .​
one day admission costs $55, and those under forty
eight inches tall are charged $45 .​
Children under
three are admitted free of​ charge .​
VIP Studio
Passes are available on a​ limited basis, and are
not available for children under the age of​ five .​
cost for VIP Studio Passes is​ $149 per person .​
Annual tickets are also available, at​ a​ discounted
rate .​
Universal Studios Hollywood is​ located in​ Los
Angeles, California, at​ 100 Universal City Plaza .​
is easily found right off of​ Highway 101, which is​ often
called the Hollywood Freeway .​
The park is​ about
ten minutes from the Los Angeles downtown area.
Only paid parking is​ available .​
It costs $10 for cars
and $11 for recreational vehicles .​
You can also get
preferred parking, which is​ closer to​ the entrance
for $17 .​
Free parking is​ not available on the Universal
Studio grounds.
Realistically, it​ takes a​ full day to​ see all of​ the
attractions in​ the park .​
However, if​ you don’t have a​
full day to​ spend at​ Universal Studios Tours, you
should purchase the VIP pass, which will allow you
to move to​ the front of​ the line for all rides and
attractions .​
This cuts down wait times in​ lines
significantly, and allows you to​ see all of​ the
attractions much faster.
Don’t allow the rain to​ ruin your parade! The park
remains open even when it​ rains, but if​ severe
weather is​ an​ issue, many shows may be cancelled
or relocated .​
In the event that the park must close
due to​ whether, a​ rain check will be issued .​
Universal Studio rain check will be issued if​ over 1/8
of an​ inch of​ rain falls before 2pm, and it​ is​ good for
thirty days.
Again, if​ you have special needs that may need
special accommodations, please contact Guest
Services by telephone prior to​ your visit .​
accommodations can take up to​ two weeks to​
arrange, so the sooner you contact Universal
Studios Tours with your special needs request,
the better the staff will be able to​ serve you.

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