United Kingdom Casinos

United Kingdom Casinos

The United Kingdom is​ seeing increasing liberalization of​ the​ casino business; visits to​ United Kingdom casinos topped 11 million last year and seem set to​ increase further in​ coming years,​ buoyed by changes in​ the​ law which will see many new casinos built,​ including a​ so-called "supercasino,​" the​ location of​ which has still to​ be decided. There are also increasing numbers of​ casinos in​ the​ regions of​ the​ country,​ such as​ Scotland and Wales,​ a​ national lottery,​ a​ thriving sports betting sector,​ and online gambling,​ which is​ increasingly popular with Britons. This diversification is​ expected to​ continue in​ the​ coming years.

Until recently,​ United Kingdom casinos required visitors to​ apply for membership at​ least 24 hours in​ advance of​ playing; this could be done in​ person or​ in​ writing (or e-mail),​ and required the​ customer to​ provide a​ name and address,​ as​ well as​ two forms of​ identification,​ at​ least one of​ which must carry a​ photo. This requirement was designed to​ prevent "impulse" gambling,​ but was widely agreed to​ be outdated and was discontinued in​ 2005.

Under Britain's Gambling Act of​ 2005,​ there will be three classes of​ new casinos,​ small,​ large,​ and (initially) one "supercasino." These classes of​ casinos are differentiated by their floor size and customer capacity,​ and also by the​ numbers of​ slot machines that they will hold: up to​ 80 slot machines for small casinos,​ and up to​ 150 slot machines for large casinos,​ both with a​ maximum jackpot of​ £4,​000. These will be sited in​ cities throughout the​ country,​ using criteria including the​ impact on​ the​ local community and the​ potential for urban regeneration. This also applies to​ the​ single "supercasino,​" which will probably be located in​ the​ Millennium Dome in​ London,​ though this has yet to​ be confirmed. the​ supercasino would hold up to​ 1,​250 slot machines with unlimited jackpots,​ potentially making it​ Europe's largest casino.

Apart from London,​ which currently has over 20 casinos,​ there are other United Kingdom casinos spread throughout the​ country. the​ largest United Kingdom casino is​ the​ Star City in​ Birmingham,​ which has 46 table games and over 200 slot machines. in​ all,​ there are over 140 casinos and related gambling facilities in​ Britain,​ though this is​ set to​ rise under the​ new rules. There is​ also a​ long tradition of​ sports betting,​ principally on​ horse racing and soccer,​ and the​ growth of​ online betting has seen the​ United Kingdom fast catching some of​ its European neighbors in​ the​ betting stakes.

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