United Arab Emirates Casinos

United Arab Emirates Casinos

The United Arab Emirates is​ a​ state made up of​ seven sheikdoms (or emirates) and used to​ be known as​ the​ Trucial States,​ or​ Trucial Oman,​ in​ reference to​ the​ treaties between the​ British and Oman which guaranteed their independence.

Each of​ the​ emirates is​ extremely different. Dubai,​ for example,​ is​ developing itself as​ the​ financial and trading hub of​ the​ entire Persian Gulf (perhaps even the​ Middle East),​ and Abu Dhabi is​ running fast to​ catch up. Sharjah,​ as​ a​ counter example,​ is​ doing very little,​ but investing its share of​ the​ oil and gas revenues. Conditions faced by tourists and travellers in​ each of​ the​ emirates can be very different,​ even though each of​ them is​ quite small.

United Arab Emirates Casinos

Currently,​ there are only three legal casinos in​ the​ country. While wealthy Arabs do have a​ reputation for gambling,​ this is​ normally something they prefer to​ do outside of​ their own home countries. This may change in​ coming years in​ Dubai,​ as​ it​ continues to​ develop as​ a​ tourist destination.

A list of​ United Arab Emirates Casinos includes:

Fujeirah: Sea Men Club

Umm al Quwai: Leisure Club

Umm al Quwain: Baracuda

It should be noted that some of​ the​ emirates are dry,​ that is​ no alcohol is​ allowed. Outside of​ the​ legal United Arab Emirates casinos,​ it​ may be possible to​ find a​ variety of​ gambling games,​ but with the​ exception of​ betting on​ camel racing,​ it​ is​ very strongly suggested that visitors do not partake,​ nor indeed,​ that they drink alcohol illegally.

In general,​ law in​ the​ Emirates is​ based on​ sharia law. This might be better known as​ the​ system that prescribes the​ death penalty for adultery,​ the​ chopping off of​ hands for theft and,​ what might be less well known,​ whipping for drinking alcohol.

A large number (in most of​ the​ emirates local Gulf Arabs make up 20% or​ less of​ the​ population) of​ guest workers are in​ each and every one of​ the​ various pieces of​ the​ Emirates. They create a​ series of​ almost ghettoes,​ with the​ Americans and Europeans making up one,​ the​ South Asians another,​ the​ Palestinians and Jordanians another,​ and so on. Within these groups,​ various forms of​ gambling may take place,​ as​ with drinking and other activities,​ but as​ a​ visitor,​ it​ is​ better to​ avoid such things unless you know your companions well.

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