Underwater Digital Cameras 101 For Landlubbers

Underwater Digital Cameras 101 For Landlubbers

Underwater Digital Cameras 101 for​ Landlubbers
First came the​ camera .​
Then there was the​ underwater camera .​
After that came the​ digital camera – and​ now we have underwater digital cameras .​
Underwater digital cameras are ideal for​ capturing the​ beauty of​ the​ undersea world (or the​ bottom of​ your swimming pool if​ you have that special artistic eye!) .​
They are used by both scientists and​ scuba divers .​
Digital cameras come in​ many well-known brands including Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Sony, and​ Olympus .​
Surprisingly enough, the​ cheapest brands cost less than $200, although prices rise quite steeply for​ the​ highest quality cameras.
Some of​ the​ advantages of​ underwater digital cameras include:
- You can plug them into a​ TV.
- They are smaller and​ lighter than film cameras
- Bad shots can be easily deleted
- They can change resolution, which is​ useful for​ wide-angle photography in​ low lighting conditions underwater
- They produce better high-resolution shots
- They never run out of​ film (because they don't use film!)
- They have better depth of​ field (up to​ 4 times that of​ film cameras)
- They feature strobe shutter speeds as​ fast as​ 1/800th of​ a​ second, much faster than even the​ best film cameras
- Applications include sea mode, land mode, and​ external flash mode
Here are some examples of​ the​ best underwater digital cameras:
1 .​
The Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z1000
It has a​ 2 .​
8 inch LCD screen and​ 10 megapixels .​
Housing is​ required .​
Up to​ 3,2000 ISO .​
3x optical zoom lens, and​ it​ even includes an​ anti-shake feature.
2 .​
The Pentax Optio
It has a​ 2.5 inch LCD screen and​ 7 megapixels .​
It requires no additional housing .​
Usable for​ up to​ half an​ hour in​ depths of​ up to​ 5 feet .​
It can even be used for​ shooting underwater videos .​
Up to​ 1,600 ISO.
3 .​
Fuji Film FinePix A400
Complete with waterproof housing, 4.2 megapixels .​
What's more, it's CHEAP - under $200 at​ the​ time of​ this writing).
4 .​
SeaLife DC500
Includes both Land and​ sea flash modes .​
5 megapixels, 3x optical zoom .​
Features an​ anti-shake function that compensates for​ movement by either the​ photographer or​ the​ subject.
The foregoing is​ only a​ small smaple of​ the​ total range of​ brands, cameras, and​ features available for​ photographers of​ almost any budget and​ any level of​ sophistication.

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