Understanding Vitamins Such As B Complex

Understanding Vitamins Such As B Complex

Vitamins are a​ huge part of​ our society. Although many vitamins help the​ body reach and maintain optimal health,​ one of​ the​ most beneficial vitamins is​ B complex. Comprised of​ a​ group of​ vitamins to​ include vitamin B1 or​ Thiamine,​ B2,​ which is​ the​ same as​ Riboflavin,​ B3 or​ Niacin,​ B5 or​ Panthothenic Acid,​ B6,​ which is​ Pyridoxine,​ B7 or​ Biotin,​ B12 or​ Cobalamin,​ and folic acid,​ PABA,​ Inositol,​ and Choline. Due to​ the​ rich nutrients that come from vitamin B complex,​ every cell of​ the​ body,​ especially the​ nerve cells receive benefit.

Unfortunately,​ a​ deficiency in​ B vitamins can cause muscle weakness and edema. Although a​ number of​ people live with a​ vitamin deficiency,​ the​ worst are folic acids,​ which are needed to​ help improve mood while fighting neural tube defects in​ unborn children,​ which is​ why vitamin B complex is​ so important for pregnant women. in​ addition,​ deficiency in​ vitamins B6 or​ B12 results in​ depressed mood and fatigue.

Keep in​ mind that with B vitamins,​ they are not stored well in​ the​ body. Then,​ if​ you consume caffeine or​ alcohol,​ these vitamins tend to​ become depleted quickly. However,​ there are other important benefits found in​ B vitamins such as​ healthy skin,​ strong,​ shiny hair,​ stronger muscle and bones,​ and healthy mucosal membranes,​ especially those found around the​ mouth. Vitamin B complex also improves intestinal health and bowel function,​ boosts mood,​ decreases irritability,​ helps with insomnia,​ promotes better sleep,​ improves liver and brain cell function,​ and can reduces PMS symptoms.

Although vitamin B complex is​ found in​ foods we​ eat,​ most are lost during the​ cooking process. Therefore,​ if​ you want to​ get those most out of​ your vitamins,​ we​ recommend you take a​ supplement of​ 50 mg in​ B1,​ B2,​ B3,​ B5,​ B6,​ B7,​ B12,​ Choline,​ PABA,​ and Inositol. in​ addition,​ adding 400 mcg of​ folic acid would be highly beneficial to​ your overall health and wellness. Remember,​ your body needs the​ right type of​ vitamins so you can function optimally,​ as​ well as​ live a​ long life. By eating a​ well balanced diet rich in​ vitamins and supplements,​ you will feel better.

Some of​ the​ foods you can add to​ your diet for the​ B vitamins include leafy green vegetables,​ fish and seafood,​ whole grains,​ poultry and other meats,​ dairy products,​ eggs,​ citrus,​ specifically oranges,​ and beans and peas. Since B vitamins make red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body,​ these are crucial.

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