Understanding Online Casino And Poker Room Bonuses

Understanding Online Casino And Poker Room Bonuses

Casino bonuses are when a​ casino offers a​ bonus in​ the​ form of​ free money or​ chips to​ players. These bonuses are used to​ entice new players to​ come into the​ casino and play their favorite games of​ chance. These bonuses are also given to​ current players to​ thank them and to​ encourage them to​ return to​ play again at​ another time.

Casinos offer the​ bonuses in​ two separate forms,​ the​ first deposit bonus and the​ loyalty bonus.

The First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is​ when the​ casino gives the​ player money to​ thank them for joining as​ a​ playing member. This casino bonus is​ most often paid after the​ player has signed up and paid their very first balance into their casino account. in​ some instances,​ when the​ player makes an​ initial deposit the​ casino matches the​ deposit. the​ matching bonus does have a​ limit,​ which is​ most often set at​ one hundred dollars. at​ other times the​ bonus may a​ percentage of​ the​ amount the​ player deposits.

Percentage deposits rarely exceed a​ maximum of​ fifty percent of​ the​ player’s deposit total. These percentage deposits may also require a​ minimum deposit of​ two hundred fifty dollars or​ better. of​ course the​ deposit amounts and the​ matches put forth by the​ casino will vary from one casino to​ another. Casino bonuses also tend to​ change on​ occasion.

The Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are given to​ casino clientele as​ a​ gesture of​ appreciation for the​ continued patronage of​ the​ player. Usually,​ these loyalty bonuses are given out on​ the​ first deposits made in​ any given month. the​ percentage may be a​ fixed percentage,​ or​ may increase slightly with continued month by month player loyalty. Loyalty bonuses can also have a​ lower percentage per bonus,​ but the​ bonus would be applied to​ every deposit made in​ the​ month.

In exchange for the​ loyalty bonus,​ the​ casino has expectations of​ the​ player. the​ player must agree to​ and abide by all casino terms and regulations regarding conduct,​ accuracy of​ personal information,​ and the​ conditions which apply when cashing in​ the​ player’s chips.

If a​ player accepts a​ bonus,​ they are expected to​ fulfill a​ wager through requirement. a​ wager through requirement is​ a​ clause which requires the​ player to​ bet a​ minimum amount of​ money before they can qualify to​ receive the​ bonus. This information is​ usually found in​ the​ casino’s terms and conditions statement.

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