Undercover Tonneau Cover Review

Undercover Tonneau Cover Review

Would you buy an​ Undercover tonneau cover after a​ review like this? The undercover tonneau cover is​ custom-made to​ fit your make, model and year of​ your vehicle. This particular truck bed cover is​ a​ low profile, weather tight tonneau cover. You would class it​ as​ a​ hard tonneau cover, but being constructed of​ ABS keeps it​ light weight and easy to​ handle. it​ has quick release hardware to​ enable you to​ put it​ on or​ take off quickly. The cover is​ constructed to​ prevent warping in​ direct sunlight. it​ can be painted but because of​ the texture there may be a​ slight difference in​ the color of​ your truck if​ your using a​ metallic paint. it​ seems a​ solid color paint is​ fine. it​ comes at​ a​ very descent price as​ far as​ hard tonneau covers go.

You may be able add accessories to​ your undercover tonneau cover but you best consult the factory to​ avoid losing your warranty. Your Undercover Tonneau Cover is​ backed by a​ limited 3-year warranty.

There is​ no need for drilling to​ install it. it​ is​ easy to​ install. if​ you have a​ bed liner you may have to​ trim down the sides to​ accommodate the truck cover. They say you can install it​ in​ 15 minutes but in​ my opinion that would only happen if​ you had done it​ before. I would say any where between 25 minutes to​ one hour depending how much of​ a​ knack you have of​ doing this type of​ thing. Even at​ one hour, I think would be pretty good for something your going to​ get great use out of. I mean it​ will keep your cargo dry and out of​ sight of​ people who like to​ take things that don’t belong to​ them. it​ will also add to​ the look of​ your pickup truck.

To help you protect your cargo it​ comes with two stainless steel locks. it​ comes with wall mount hardware so you can hang the tonneau cover up and out of​ the way in​ your garage. This is​ a​ very convenient accessory that undercover offers. The cover opens easily with the aid of​ two struts one on either side of​ the cover.

Out of​ all the reviews I’ve read on tonneau covers the undercover tonneau cover seems to​ have the least negative items. it​ seems most people are very, very satisfied with this tonneau cover and how great it​ is​ at​ keeping the rain off their cargo.

In my opinion, if​ your looking for a​ hard tonneau cover that looks great , is​ very strong, easy to​ install and worth every cent you paid for it. Look no further. No cover is​ absolutely rain proof but this cover is​ as​ close as​ you can get. I searched for bad reviews on this tonneau cover but I couldn’t find anything that was worth mentioning. Most tonneau covers people buy, they may love them, but they still find minor defaults they mention. as​ weird as​ it​ seems this Undercover tonneau cover seems to​ pass all tests.

If you have some negative feedback on this cover please let me know through my website.

Ken Bishop is​ the author of​ this article. You are more than welcome to​ add your comments about tonneau covers by email through my websites. I will use these comment about any tonneau covers in​ my reviews. www.truckbedtonneau.com

Undercover Tonneau Cover Review

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