Unblock The Block In Writers Block

Unblock The Block In Writers Block

Feeling blocked? No, I do not mean physically blocked (that’s often a​ dietary issue). I’m talking about mentally blocked during a​ creative project. It’s one of​ the worst feelings imaginable for a​ literary writer or​ composer.

Speaking as​ a​ composer of​ many compositions, there are a​ number of​ ways to​ remedy writer’s block. Here are some:

Make yourself physically get up and walk away from the task at​ hand. Even if​ you have to​ pry yourself away from your writing, do it. Like a​ rusty nail being yanked from a​ piece of​ wood, release yourself from the padded office seat. By the way, in​ no way does this article wish for its readers to​ think of​ themselves as​ a​ rusty nail.

Once removed from the task at​ hand, do something totally unrelated such as​ taking a​ walk around the block, or​ calling a​ friend. This will allow your mind to​ be relieved of​ the blocked situation, thus allowing the problem to​ solve subconsciously.

Another remedy is​ to​ write anything, even if​ you think that the standard of​ writing is​ not of​ the highest quality. Waiting for the perfect inspiration is​ part of​ the problem in​ an​ inability to​ write effectively. Even if​ you write an​ entire chapter or​ section of​ music that is​ not up to​ your expectations, chances are that there is​ something within the rubble of​ what you just wrote that is​ worth salvaging.

A quick path to​ removing writer's block may lie in​ the mood that you are in​ when feeling blocked. if​ you feel like you have written so brilliantly up until now and you cannot possibly continue, then try bringing yourself down to​ earth. Assure yourself that what you’ve written up until now is​ a​ product of​ trying your best, rather than being the best.

If, on the other hand, you feel inferior at​ being able to​ commence a​ project, it​ is​ most certainly time for an​ ego boost. if​ you are unable to​ do this on your own, find someone who truly believes in​ you and ask for a​ pep talk. a​ person who means well, be it​ a​ family member or​ good friend, will always be ready to​ lend helpful and meaningful advice, and will make you feel better about yourself.

Here’s a​ word of​ caution, however. Select someone who criticizes constructively. Someone who cares about you may not have the correct disposition to​ make you feel more confident. Here are some examples. Upon asking the question, “Am I a​ good composer?” here’s what you do not want to​ hear:

“Of course you’re not good. Just kidding. Listen, you’re pretty good, but who can make a​ living in​ the arts? You need to​ feed your family. Get an​ honest job.”

Sure, the intention is​ to​ make sure that you put food on the table. However, the ego is​ shot, crushed and thrown to​ the sharks in​ the above statement. Here’s another doozy:

“Writers block! Make some decent money soon or​ you’ll have money block!”

Composers and writers already know that money and food on the table are important issues. Although the wit of​ the statement is​ not unnoticed, it​ certainly is​ unwelcome to​ the budding artist.

Being in​ a​ slump, as​ a​ composer or​ writer, is​ a​ temporary state. a​ true artist works through the situation, with the problem at​ hand being quickened in​ its resolution by an​ intelligent approach.

Unblock The Block In Writers Block

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