Umbilical Hernia Treatment

Umbilical Hernia Treatment

Umbilical hernia occurs when the​ abdominal content protrudes beneath the​ skin through the​ umbilical hole.

The umbilical hole, or​ the​ umbilicus is​ the​ healed scar situated in​ the​ lower abdominal area. Through it​ the​ umbilical cord enters the​ body while the​ child is​ still inside his mother, and​ through the​ cord vital substances are passed to​ the​ fetus.

After birth the​ umbilical cord is​ cut off and​ the​ small opening that remains should quickly close in. But, in​ some cases it​ does not close as​ it​ should, so a​ small 'crack' remains open. in​ these cases a​ part of​ the​ abdominal content, the​ intestines usually, pokes through this opening. the​ bulge that is​ created is​ more visible when the​ child coughs, sneezes, or​ cries.

Umbilical hernia is​ not surgically repaired in​ the​ small children's case because usually until the​ child reaches the​ age of​ 3 the​ hernia shrinks and​ heals by itself. Some mothers try to​ increase the​ speed of​ the​ healing by tapping a​ coin to​ the​ bulge and​ forcing it​ to​ stay there and​ push it​ back, but this method is​ not medically tested or​ recommended.

However, in​ some special cases umbilical hernia does require surgical intervention. This happens if​ it​ did not heal by itself after the​ child turned 3 or​ 4 years old, or​ if​ the​ hernia strangulates the​ tissue that pushes out, cutting its blood supply. if​ this happens surgical intervention should be done as​ quick as​ possible.

Umbilical hernia surgery succeeds in​ 99.99% cases, especially if​ the​ doctor's indications about the​ short recovery period that comes after the​ surgery are carefully followed .

Overall this illness is​ not dangerous at​ all in​ most cases so there aren't any reasons to​ worry because it​ will most likely push back on its own. But if​ you suspect any complications visit a​ doctor as​ soon as​ you can.

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